Wes Wells

Product Manager

Wes WellsWes brings more than 25 years of technical and management experience to Instant Connect. With a deep background in PTT communications, Wes has managed a number of products deployed successfully around the world. As a Network Engineer, Wes was responsible for deploying VoIP systems and integrating radio systems into VoIP networks. As a business lead for Twisted Pair Solutions software, Wes worked with customers to provide desktop users with PTT access to the radio systems. He also developed applications to provide PTT access and four-wire audio gateway from the network to the radio systems for federal agency customers. Wes was the WAVE Product Manager at Twisted Pair; when Motorola acquired Twisted Pair in 2014, Wes led the WAVE product development of integration into the Motorola suite of radio systems. Wes holds a degree in Computer Science.