For the modern workforce

Accelerate incident response with automation

Powered by automation, Instant Connect’s advanced features enhance the situational awareness required to improve worker safety and productivity on the frontlines. From super-lightweight serverless to enterprise-class everything, Instant Connect lets you start where you want and then add automated features to take your push-to-talk anywhere it needs to go.


advanced feature / Smart Talk Groups

Respond to incidents, instantly

Smart Talk Groups™ are the first of their kind, allowing operations to dynamically create or modify a talk channel as part of a workflow, standard operating procedure (SOP), or event-triggered incident response.

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IoT triggers

Whether it's a license plate reader, stadium camera, or vehicle sensor, use it to alert Instant Connect to a workflow or an incident. We'll put a team together in the blink of an eye.

Set the rules

Instant Connect can assemble or disassemble a talk group in response to a scheduled or unscheduled event. Set the rules and let it do the work.

Set boundaries

Designate critical areas with our Smart Geofences™. When workers or assets cross a virtual geofence, Instant Connect can start a workflow or assemble a talk group.

Keep it simple and uncluttered

Our automated channels can include only the right people for the job. Engage your experts and leave everyone else alone. No more cluttering the airwaves.

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advanced feature / SMART GEOFENCES

Get in touch with your surroundings

Raise awareness and accelerate incident response with Instant Connect's Smart Geofences™. Need to keep tabs on a city block? Cell tower? School? Warehouse? Battlefield? Simply draw a virtual boundary to designate a mission-critical area of any shape or size. When workers or assets cross the boundary, Instant Connect can automatically trigger a workflow or create a talk group to connect your teams.

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Push-to-talk automation

Add intelligent voice to existing workflows

Instant Connect is powered by Dyna™, an automation engine that makes Smart Talk Groups and Smart Geofences possible. Think of Dyna as a vigilant member of your team, with the ability to automatically connect workers in a voice channel. Dyna plays well with existing workflow solutions, so you don't need to change the way your business operates. The only change you'll notice is a faster response to incidents.

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