State of Alaska DOT

Communicating across one of the world's harshest roads using the Instant Connect platform.

“With Instant Connect, we were able to deploy a truly unified and connected land mobile radio, telephonic, and administrative network with a system capable of programed expansion by simply modifying the end points to meet mission requirements as needed, without forklifting the entire network.”

Jeff Russell – Dalton District Superintendent, State of Alaska DOT

Alaska DOTChallenge

Needed to implement phone, radio, and Internet communications capabilities along one of the harshest stretches of highway in the United States – the Dalton Highway (also known as “Haul Road”) – with absolute reliability in spite of extreme conditions.


The Instant Connect environment seamlessly supports fixed and mobile communications across telephone, radio, Internet, and other devices with push-button simplicity. Alaska now has network connectivity for Dalton and Elliott roadways with highly secure data, voice, video, and application services back to the office. And a complete IP-based dispatch and incident response system.

  • Faster response to emergency situations with vital manpower and equipment.
  • Expandability to broaden reach, enhance safety, and improve responsiveness.
  • Better equipment management and maintenance efficiencies.

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