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Conventional push-to-talk (PTT) communications has a history of limitations in critical moments and by itself, can't keep pace with today's hyperconnected world. There's simply too much information to track, too many networks, and even more devices.

Frontline teams need something smarter. Dynamic Frontline Communications™ – or "Dynamic Comms" – is just that.

Made possible by the Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) platform, Dynamic Comms offer enhanced PTT capabilities for teams that can't be held back by terrain or technology. No wonder Gartner Research named us a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor.

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The old way

Conventional voice channels are congested with chatter as people vie for attention and broadcast messages to everybody. This creates distraction, eroding worker productivity and collaboration. It also fuels confusion between the front lines and corporate.

Cookie-cutter automation apps—or no automation at all—leave complex operations vulnerable to human errors.

Without multi-device, multi-network functionality, frontline workers can be isolated when operating in hazardous environments, traversing unpredictable terrain, or running complex equipment.

The future frontline

Dynamic talk groups are tailored to specific teams and tasks, excluding anything that isn’t needed and keeping distractions to a minimum.

Instant Connect oversees the steady stream of information from systems and sensors, using it to automatically set up talk groups or kickstart workflows. This dramatically reduces human oversight and the need for manual intervention.

No one wants to carry multiple devices to do their daily tasks. That's why Instant Connect connects voice and data applications on a single device, across any network.

Smart talk groups

These automated talk channels are the cornerstone of Dynamic Comms, bringing smarter collaboration and higher productivity to frontline teams.

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Connects the workers essential to the task – leaves everyone else alone.

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Automation / IoT

Minimizes manual work by integrating with IoT and other data-based triggers.

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Connects radio, IP, cellular, and telephony – across any device and network.

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Smart geofences

Auto-assembles talk groups when workers enter or exit a virtual boundary.

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Powered by automation

The Instant Connect Enterprise platform is powered by Dyna—the PTT automation engine behind smart geofences, workflow automation, IoT triggers, and more. Technology has never been a better teammate.

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