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Dynamic Frontline Communications™ from Instant Connect

November 10, 2020

Unleashing the productivity of the frontline workforce with dynamic, task-based talk groups

Instant Connect keeps today’s frontline teams connected, productive, and safe with Dynamic Frontline Communications™, a revolutionary step forward from push-to-talk.

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November 10, 2020 – Instant Connect Software LLC, a global leader in interoperable frontline communications, has elevated the value of mission-based communications for frontline workers. The company today announced the release of Instant Connect Enterprise™ v2.0, a dynamic frontline communications platform that represents a revolutionary step forward from conventional push-to-talk systems.

“Whether it’s mining, utilities, energy, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, or other fast-moving sectors, frontline workers tend to work in teams sharing common tasks, missions, and deliverables,” said Forrest Claypool, Instant Connect CEO. “Our dynamic frontline communications software intuitively recognizes this and automatically creates task-based talk groups and voice channels that connect these teams with voice, data, and other services. These dynamic talk groups are mission-based, connecting the team members essential to completing the mission. The talk groups are triggered by both scheduled activities such as operational workflows, and unscheduled incidents or emergencies. The voice channels can be fluidly assembled, disassembled, expanded, or reduced in real-time to keep teams connected, productive, and safe. The environment is cross-platform, so team members can use any devices – mobile, radio, IP, telephony, company-owned, BYOD – across virtually any network and any location.”

Dynamic frontline communications combines the benefits of conventional push-to-talk with new group-based capabilities unleashing the productivity of the modern workforce. “This is the inevitable next-step as Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Radio over IP (RoIP) accelerate from niche usage to widely-embraced group communications that are cross-platform and mission-based,” said Claypool. Indeed, Gartner Research predicts that up to 70% of new mobile and endpoint investments over the next five years will be for frontline workers.

Instant Connect’s real-time assembly/disassembly of talk groups is based on business rules defined by the enterprise and automatically triggered by tasks, events, workflows, or missions. The talk groups can be both dynamic (auto assembled/disassembled) or spontaneous (ad-hoc, created at will).

  • Easy to deploy and use – auto-discovery and auto-authentication of subscribers minimize human intervention
  • Lightweight in the field, eliminating costly infrastructure or technical overhead
  • Centralized command-and-control optimizes efficiency, worker safety, and incident response
  • Interoperability supporting any subscriber, any device, any network – mobile devices, radios, IP, Telephony, WiFi, LTE, 5G, MANET, PSTN, etc.
  • Voice, data, IoT, video, and other key information can be shared
  • Secure, resilient, flexible – Cloud, on-prem, or hybrid deployments
  • Integrates with and augments existing radio and IT infrastructure for investment protection
  • Serverless – voice communications continue even if servers are unavailable or inaccessible
  • Proven use cases for commercial, public sector, and military applications

Perspective from an industry leader

C3IA Solutions, a leading communications and security specialist, recognizes the strategic necessity of dynamic frontline communications as the next step in interoperable communications. “New customer requirements come with the need for end-to-end security, with easy management and minimal overhead, both to set up and to administer,” said Keith Parsons, C3IA Managing Director. “Companies want to implement a series of protocols and business rules that define and manage usage, something in which C3IA is well-versed. In tactical deployments, customers have no desire to deploy engineers and heavy infrastructure in the field. In enterprise deployments, they want to be able to connect to enterprise networks with equal ease. Instant Connect offers value to customers in both spheres.”

Dynamic frontline communications in action

Instant Connect is currently partnering with Resilience Communications, a global innovator at the leading edge of dynamic communications. The two leaders are collaborating to provide select defense clients with an end-to-end solution that integrates Instant Connect v2.0 software with Resilience’s industry-leading voice bridge.

Resilience Communications designs and manufactures the award-winning auto-configuring Tactical Voice Bridge for commercial and military customers. “Instant Connect’s easier deployment through its auto-discovery of fixed and dynamic talk groups is an exciting and important addition at the radio interface,” said Alasdair Keir, Resilience Director. “Our marriage of complementary technologies will increase connection quality and reliability while reducing technical overhead. Integrating Resilience with Instant Connect for enterprise communications, adding value to existing and future systems, offers significant potential for users to see substantial savings over the lifetime of the investment.” By combining the hot-swap radio interface of the voice bridge with Instant Connect, Resilience is able to deliver end-to-end encryption across radio and telephony. “This level of security is critical for both our commercial and defense users,” said Keir.

About Resilience

Resilience Communications Ltd. delivers advanced communications systems and products for demanding environments. The company specializes in systems engineering, software, and electronic engineering services, providing solutions to the defense and public sector markets including design and manufacture.

About C3IA

C3IA Solutions Ltd. provides technical and security services to the public and private sectors, supporting the delivery of critical defense programs. The company offers system engineering, information communications technology, and information assurance services certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).