Improve incident response with Smart Geofences

Raise situational awareness by combining location tracking with workflow automation.


Take control of your space

Instant Connect is the world's first PTT environment that can automatically create a multi-user talk group when users cross a virtual boundary or a geofence is triggered by some other event. You can configure these "smart geofences" to create a designated mission-critical area of any shape or size, whether it's a city block or an entire seaport.

Based on your business rules, these geofences can send automated workflows into motion, connecting key workers and resources needed to resolve a situation or execute a task.

They help mobile teams stay aware of—and keep pace with—what's happening in an increasingly dynamic world. Geofencing with team-based talk groups—an industry first from Instant Connect.

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How they work

Smart geofences are GPS-based virtual boundaries that have coordinates of their own. They can be easily created or modified in minutes. They can also be enhanced via integrations with IoT inputs such as cameras and sensors. The result is a hyper-aware perimeter that is always ready to trigger a talk group, kickstart a workflow, or add/remove users whenever they cross the designated boundary.

For example, a fence can detect a subscriber on a mobile phone who has crossed a boundary, or a camera can read the license plate of an approaching delivery vehicle. In either case, ICE automatically recognizes and authenticates the users as inside the geofence area, and connects them in existing or new talk channels needed for a particular task. No one outside of the geofence or irrelevant to the task is interrupted.

The team collaborates to resolve the situation or execute the workflow. They can be assisted by instructions and supporting documents, all supplied automatically as part of the workflow. Additional important participants can be added with ease, expanding the talk channel as needed. Once users exit the geofence, they are instantly removed from the talk channel. The geofence can continue to exist for future users or be modified as needs change or new tasks emerge.


Draw it. Set it. Forget it.

Smart geofences can be any shape or size, and are highly configurable based on the following criteria:

Role and task

Include only the right people for a particular job—leave everyone else alone.


Assign workers to a talk channel based on location or proximity to an event.


Align a channel to worker shifts or tie a workflow to a time-sensitive event.

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Respond better. Reduce operational oversight.

Elevate team awareness with Instant Connect's unmatched push-to-talk automation—the engine behind smart geofences, workflow automation, IoT triggers, and more. Technology has never been a better teammate.

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