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June 6, 2023

Instant Connect voice platform bolsters NATO readiness in Griffin Shock 23

“Cloud-based capabilities and applications like…Instant Connect enable seamless and assured communications with our partners and a shared understanding of the operational environment.”

– Michael R. Kaloostian, United States Army Colonel

In the digital battlefield of the 21st century, technology is not just a tool, it’s an ally.

As a critical technology partner of the U.S. Military and NATO, Instant Connect Software is at the forefront of delivering tactical communications solutions that enable the U.S. Military and its global allies to collaborate on and prepare for tomorrow’s toughest challenges.

This was highlighted during the recent Griffin Shock 23 Exercise, during which the 2nd Cavalry Regiment expertly deployed the Instant Connect voice plugin for the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), a cloud-based solution that demonstrated Instant Connect’s key role in bolstering NATO readiness and responsiveness to rising tensions on the Eastern front.

Conducted in Poland, Griffin Shock united over 3,000 troops from multiple nations with the aim of strengthening NATO’s deterrence initiatives. Instant Connect facilitated sensitive but unclassified command and control communication and real-time language translation capabilities, promoting seamless interaction among multinational forces.

Through a range of training scenarios – combined arms live fire, air assault operations, and urban warfare exercises – Instant Connect proved its ability to enhance coordination among allied forces and help them advance towards seamless military operations. As forces worldwide prepare for rapid deployment and conflict readiness, Instant Connect’s ability to enhance interoperability is growing in significance.

The exercise had two key outcomes: it demonstrated NATO’s rapid response capabilities and its commitment to collective defense, highlighting the strategic importance of readiness in maintaining global security.

U.S. Army Col. Michael R. Kaloostian praised the effectiveness of cloud-based capabilities like ATAK and Instant Connect in ensuring seamless communication and operational understanding in diverse environments.

“Griffin Shock 23 served as a powerful testament to the readiness and capabilities of NATO forces when leveraging the cloud at the tactical edge,” said Kaloostian. “Cloud-based capabilities and applications like ATAK and [Instant Connect] enable seamless and assured communications with our partners and a shared understanding of the operational environment. This level of fidelity and speed are necessary to coordinate and deconflict high-intensity conflict.”

Instant Connect’s technology, showcased in Griffin Shock, reaffirms its ability and commitment to driving greater interoperability, readiness, and collective defense. As a key partner to the U.S. military and NATO, the company stands ready to continue shaping the future of military communications through its innovative solutions.

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