Instant Connect is building a world without barriers to communication, so that teams can work smarter and more productively.

Who we serve

Teams with a shared mission, anywhere

Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) unlocks a new breed of data-rich voice communications called Dynamic Frontline Communications™.

Our unified communications environment provides seamless collaboration across any device or network for mobile teams that travel long distances, operate complex equipment, or work in dynamic environments. It's how dispersed teams with a shared task or mission get the job done faster and better.

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Consolidate devices

Integrate LTE, 5G, WiFi, IP, radio, and telephony networks, freeing up workers to use any device they want for all their communications.

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Extend or replace radio

Whether you want to extend your radio investment or move beyond radio—our fully interoperable push-to-talk solution can make it happen.

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Go serverless

Welcome to the world's first serverless voice platform – if a server is inaccessible or inconvenient, your voice communications can continue without it.

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Declutter talk channels

Put automation to work for you, creating talk channels focused on a specific task or mission that only include the people needed for the job.

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The modern operation

Bringing people, data, and systems together

Dynamic talk groups from Instant Connect are smarter so teams can be smarter. In an increasingly connected world with nearly 14 billion IoT devices, workers can’t stay on top of everything that’s happening by themselves.

So we built technology to be the perfect frontline teammate – an automation-rich environment that can ingest all the data you need, understand the mission or task at hand, and provide a communications platform to connect the right people at the right time.

ICE in action: sports/events use case

At a major sporting event, stadium security, event staff, and volunteers are connected and ready to support tens of thousands of spectators. Staff teams are using radios while volunteers are connected using the ICE Mobile app on their smartphones (BYOD).

A camera and door sensor both detect a trespasser near the south gate. The IoT-based alert instantly triggers ICE to auto-assemble a talk group connecting security teams and event staff on radios, volunteers on mobile devices, and a supervisor in a remote command center. The talk group includes location and instructions. Only the members key to the mission are included, eliminating the clutter and distractions of conventional PTT.

The on-site team coordinates a rapid response to isolate the intruder, while the remote supervisor seamlessly adds outside law enforcement to the talk group. The intruder is quickly identified and apprehended by police, security, and event staff. Once the door sensor alarm stops, the talk group is automatically disassembled. Everyone goes back to standby, ready for the next incident.

Use case: Glencore

Keeping everyone connected north of the Arctic Circle

This mining giant is using the ICE platform to enhance miner safety and productivity through a combination of alerts, notifications, GPS, and networked sensors.

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2021 Gartner Cool Vendor

Helping leaders around the globe

“Companies that would benefit from creating dynamic talk groups to complete a specific task or mission — increasingly in an automated fashion — should evaluate Instant Connect.” - Gartner

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