Smarter voice communications for oil and gas teams

Instant Connect's automated push-to-talk (PTT) platform connects oil and gas teams across disciplines, organizations, and geographies. Welcome to the future of voice for the remote, hybrid workforce.


Smarter collaboration across the energy supply chain

Natural resource operations typically span an array of disciplines, organizations, and legal entities. A complex chain of collaboration is required to extract, transport, store, refine, and deliver finished energy products to end consumers. The safety and efficiency of the entire process is hindered by breakdowns in communication at any point along this chain.

The Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) software platform creates a unified voice communications environment that connects teams across multiple organizations, devices, and networks—radio, LTE/5G, Wi-Fi, IP, and telephony. From the rigs and fields to the refineries and storage facilities to the delivery vehicles, ICE connects disparate workforces to better coordinate each stage of energy production.


Help your teams achieve operational excellence

Smart talk groups from Instant Connect are the first of their kind, enhancing collaboration in remote, hazardous, and dynamic environments. They use automation to put the right experts, on the right job, at the right time. They do this by leveraging data, business rules, IoT, and smart geofences to instantly trigger workflows and create talk groups on the fly.

The result is increased situational awareness, allowing organizations to improve worker safety, drive productivity for high-value tasks, and accelerate responses to any incident.

Smart talk groups

Industrial safety

Better protect workers and infrastructure

Equipment performance

Manage and maintain assets smarter

Plant and Field operations

Enhance team-based productivity

Emission control

Help meet stringent ESG requirements

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Need to go serverless?

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Smarter business for a new era in energy

The ICE voice platform can help operations reduce the risks and costs associated with energy delivery across the value chain.


Consolidate devices and networks

Save money and remove the need for your workers to carry multiple devices on the job.


Better manage hybrid teams

Leverage lean resources. Connect employees and contingent workers—no matter who is on call at any given moment.


Reduce and extend your IT spend

Augment or replace existing radio infrastructure. Reduce or eliminate device and maintenance costs.

Use case: Pipeline pressure

An IoT alert indicates rising pressure in a pipeline crossing a large oilfield.

ICE automatically creates a talk group connecting the nearest maintenance crew with a supervisor and remote command center monitoring the situation.

The team is immediately redirected to the location of the sensor that triggered the alarm and rapidly resolves the situation.


Augment or replace radio

Instant Connect extends the reach of radio systems by allowing radios to communicate with smartphones, laptops, IP phones, hands-free headsets, and any other voice-enabled device.

Or, if you want to move beyond radio, we can put you on the path to full radio replacement.

The choice is yours.

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