Oil/Gas Communications Platform

Instant Connect Enterprise Push-to-talk - When the going gets tough, the tough turn to us.
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Today’s oil and gas companies face a number of critical challenges in the communications landscape, including:

The Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) platform brings it all together.

From oil rigs in the ocean to pipelines in the tundra, Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) lets natural resources firms quickly integrate new mobile and IP communications with their existing radio networks. The bottom line? Previously limited RF footprints are transformed into an integrated communications environment that drives operational efficiency, business output, and contractor management..

Case in point: accelerated turnaround times.

Scheduled maintenance often requires taking your infrastructure offline, a short-term drag on productivity.  The ICE platform makes it faster and easier to manage the third-party contractors brought in to clean your assets. ICE can set up multiple “geofence boundaries” that automatically discover and add third-party cleaning crews with BYOD to your communication channels via GIS/GPS or QR codes. The crews are closely supervised for maximum efficiency via GIS/GPS mapping based on movement in and out of check-point area. The plant or refinery is cleaned and back online ahead of schedule!

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