Transportation Communications Platform

Instant Connect Enterprise Push-to-talk - Helping the companies that move people and products around the world.
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Aviation. Railroads. Supertankers. Roadway and tollway operators. Transportation companies like these – enterprises at the center of the global economy – need to keep their people safely in contact, often across continents and oceans.

Fortunately, the Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) platform helps migrate today’s existing communications infrastructures to a new level of flexibility, security, and impact. The transportation sector is now leveraging highly-secure voice and data services with a complete IP-based dispatch and incident response system – opening a new world of “everyone, everywhere” communications.

Case in point: geofence boundaries enhance security.

Using the ICE platform to create and manage “geofence boundaries” helps maintain oversight of operational areas like shipyards, railways, and other mission-critical territories.

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