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Welcome to a new breed of push-to-talk (PTT) communications that leverages architectural breakthroughs, the power of Kubernetes, and proprietary high-performance media bridging technology. Unleashing the true potential of communications to turn today’s mobile workforce into the smart workforce.

Empowering workforces with levels of connectivity, productivity, and safety previously thought unachievable.

Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) is the go-to interoperable communications software platform for mining, oil/gas, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, security, and other industry leaders for whom the most important business asset is the one that never stops moving – the workforce.

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Instant Connect Enterprise: High-performance mobile, IP, radio, telephony, and dispatch for the smart workforce.

Instant Connect Enterprise Solution Overview

ICE Overview PDFGet an in-depth understanding of ICE, the world’s smartest push-to-talk communications software platform. Explore our portfolio of modular software services, feature set, and specs in this informative overview.

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The Power of Smart™

A new breed of interoperable communications that's faster, smarter, more flexible, more secure, and more resilient than conventional options.
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The Power of Smart

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Learn how today's smart workforces are leveraging the versatility and reliability of our platform.
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