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The Instant Connect Enterprise™ dynamic frontline communications software platform is ideal for mining, oil/gas, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, and other fast-moving sectors for whom the most important asset is the one that never stops moving – the frontline workforce. Our next-generation solution leverages architectural breakthroughs, the power of Kubernetes, and proprietary media bridging technology to deliver a new level of mission-based, cross-platform team communications.

Empowering your frontline workers with new levels of connectivity, productivity, and safety.

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The Instant Connect Enterprise™ platform powers the frontline workforce with mission-based, cross-platform team communications. 

Instant Connect named a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor

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A Revolutionary Step Forward From Push-to-Talk

Dynamic Frontline Communications™ from Instant Connect

The Instant Connect Enterprise™ dynamic frontline communications platform provides seamless mission-based dynamic talk groups – connecting team members sharing tasks, workflows, and missions. The software can provide voice and data services connecting any mix of mobile, radio, IP, and telephony devices. Frontline workers tend to work in teams sharing common tasks and deliverables, such as executing workflows or responding to incidents. Recognizing this, Instant Connect automatically creates mission-based talk groups that connect your teams with voice, data, push-to-talk, and other services. These dynamic talk groups are:

Mission-Based: We instantly connect the team members essential to completing the task, workflow, or mission, with auto-discovery and -authentication of subscribers based on the business rules you set.

Cross-Platform: We’re fully device-independent, letting your teams communicate any way they want – using any mobile, IP, radio, or telephony device they want – across any network.

Powered by the Dyna™ Automation Engine:  Dyna™ is a software-based communications automation engine at the heart of Instant Connect.  As a structurally-core software component of the platform, Dyna™ is fueling the automated communications at the center of Instant Connect’s next-gen PTT capabilities.

Redefine How Frontline Teams Communicate

Dynamic Frontline Communications™

The Instant Connect Enterprise platform leads with innate intelligence and self-discovery.
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