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The Instant Connect Enterprise™ dynamic frontline communications software platform is ideal for mining, oil/gas, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, and other fast-moving sectors for whom the most important asset is the one that never stops moving – the frontline workforce. Our next-generation solution leverages architectural breakthroughs, the power of Kubernetes, and proprietary media bridging technology to deliver a new level of mission-based, cross-platform team communications.

Empowering your frontline workers with new levels of connectivity, productivity, and safety.

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The Instant Connect Enterprise™ platform powers the frontline workforce with mission-based, cross-platform team communications. 

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Dynamic Frontline Communications™ keeps your teams connected, productive, and safe. Here's how.
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A Revolutionary Step Forward From Push-to-Talk

Dynamic Frontline Communications™ from Instant Connect

The Instant Connect Enterprise™ dynamic frontline communications platform provides seamless mission-based talk groups – connecting team members sharing tasks, workflows, and missions – for today’s fast-moving workforces. The software can provide voice and data services connecting any mix of mobile, radio, IP, and telephony devices.

This is a next-generation solution featuring push-to-talk and so much more …

Frontline workers tend to work in teams sharing common tasks, missions, and deliverables. Recognizing this, we automatically create mission-based talk groups that connect your teams with voice, data, push-to-talk, and other services. These dynamic talk groups are:

Mission-Based: We instantly connect the team members essential to completing the task, workflow, or mission, with auto-discovery and -authentication of subscribers based on the business rules you set.

Cross-Platform: We’re fully device-independent, letting your teams communicate any way they want – using any mobile, IP, radio, or telephony device they want – across any network.

Redefine How Frontline Teams Communicate

Dynamic Frontline Communications™

The Instant Connect Enterprise platform leads with innate intelligence and self-discovery.
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