Dynamic Frontline Communications™

A smarter breed of cross-platform, mission-based communications supporting push-to-talk and so much more ...

Frontline workers tend to work in teams sharing common tasks, missions, and deliverables. Instant Connect software intuitively recognizes this and automatically creates mission-based talk groups that connect your teams with voice, data, push-to-talk, and other services. These dynamic talk groups are:


Connecting team members essential to completing the task, workflow, or mission:

  • Auto-discovery and -authentication of subscribers based on the business rules you set
  • Automatically triggered by both scheduled activities such as operational workflows, and unscheduled incidents or emergencies
  • Fluidly assembled, disassembled, expanded, or reduced in real-time, adding or removing team members as circumstances change


Subscribers are instantly connected:

  • Using any device – mobile, radio, IP, telephony, company-owned, BYOD
  • Across any network – LTE, Radio, Wifi, IP, MANET, PSTN, 5G, and more
  • To and between as many other talk groups and voice channels as needed, either dynamic or ad hoc (created on the fly)

The Bottom Line

This is the inevitable next-step as Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Radio over IP (RoIP) accelerate from niche usage to widely-embraced group communications that are cross-platform and mission-based.

The Power of Smart

10 Ways We're Simply Smarter

Dynamic Communications for the Frontline Workforce


Easier to Deploy

Up and running in minutes. Deploys any way you want, on-prem, cloud, or hybrid. Minimizes footprint, training, and deployment requirements in field.


Auto-discovery and auto-authentication of users and talk groups. Eliminates manual intervention. Optimizes team-based collaboration to accomplish the mission.


Voice communications continue uninterrupted even when disconnected from server. Keeps everyone communicating even when servers are down or inaccessible.


Geofencing, dynamic channel creation, alerts, IoT workflows, mapping. Accelerates real-time awareness and response. Automates key workflows.

More Scalable

Supports virtually unlimited concurrent users with minimal IT footprint in any deployment you want – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. Reduces operational costs.

Faster Performing

Avoids latency typically associated with Java scripting. Event-driven so no continuous polling of CPU, which can erode response times.

More Secure

Highest level of commercially-available encryption: AES-256-CBC, TLS 1.2, FIPS 140-2 approved. Includes audio replay for archiving and compliance.

More Resilient

World’s most resilient PTT – no single source of failure. Maximizes workforce productivity and business output. Protects enterprise from data loss.

Broader Radio

Connects mobile and IP to radio everywhere. Links radio networks together, no longer constrained by RF footprints. Protects radio investments.

Global Telephony

Global IP telephony integration. Lets anyone connect into the environment from any phone, anywhere in the world.