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Smarter, faster, better – the next generation of communications is here

Scalable, secure, resilient, serverless.

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Instant Connect Enterprise Solution Overview

ICE Overview PDFGet an in-depth understanding of ICE, the world’s smartest push-to-talk communications software platform. Explore our portfolio of modular software services and feature set in this informative overview.

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World’s First Serverless Communications Platform!

Instant Connect Enterprise is the world’s first communications software that can operate without a server. This means your voice communications can continue uninterrupted even when disconnected from server infrastructure, such as in the event of a power failure or other unplanned server disruption.

Any Device, Any Network, Anywhere

No boundaries… just unlimited group communications

Your mobile, desktop, and telephony users now get full PTT capabilities with group and ad hoc communications based on the user’s permissions. Speed and coverage with a touch of a button on any device. Your teams are now optimized for rapid, efficient response across any network, anywhere in the world.

Smarter, more versatile use of your existing radio infrastructure

We’ll augment your current radio systems and help you eliminate the silos that traditionally exist between radio systems and/or with other users:

The Power of Smart™

A new breed of integrated communications that's faster, smarter, more flexible, more secure, and more resilient than conventional options.
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The Power of Smart