Platform Portfolio

Modular services working seamlessly together to deliver an innovative platform solution

Modular. Cost-Efficient. Scalable.

The Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) platform consists of a broad portfolio of modular software services working seamlessly together to provide the performance, reliability, security, and scalability you need. Our broad combination of services resides in multiple containers orchestrated by Kubernetes.

At the heart of the solution are the Instant Connect Enterprise Server™ and RallyPoint media bridge, collaborating together to provide the platform’s centralized management and cross-network interoperability. You can then add a host of other optional services and Mobile/Desktop clients to build out your custom environment.


Instant Connect Platform Diagram

The Core Platform

Instant Connect Enterprise Server

The Instant Connect Enterprise Server™ is at the center of the platform, providing core authentication, provisioning, channel patching, location, presence, and alerting capabilities. ICE Server™ also incorporates Instant Connect Enterprise Monitor™, a convenient administrative tool that gives managers visibility into IT utilization metrics including unified error logs. ICE Monitor™ is included at no additional charge.


The RallyPoint media bridge is a best-in-class media and packet forwarding engine that forwards audio and data packets across multi-network environments. RallyPoint converts multicast to unicast, allowing our software to operate over any network, from LTE (unicast) to traditional wired and wireless IP networks (unicast, multicast, or both).

ICE mobile and desktop clients connect to RallyPoint, sending the traffic normally destined for multicast to the RallyPoint via unicast. RallyPoint, in turn, forwards that traffic to other clients or RallyPoints in the same mission on a group-by-group basis.  This is similar in nature to the way in which network infrastructure forwards multicast traffic using the IGMP protocol. Traffic between RallyPoint and a client is encrypted using AES256 over a multiplexed tunnel, secured using TLS 1.2.  So even if a group’s traffic is unencrypted (an option on a per-group basis), the traffic in the tunnel between end-user and RallyPoint is encrypted.

Additional Services


Instant Connect Enterprise Radio™ provides comprehensive, best-in-class radio interoperability connecting the ICE environment to a virtually limitless array of radio networks. ICE Radio™ allows donor-attached integration with trunked radio systems like P25 as well as other commercial trunked systems. We are on the path to true Digital Radio Interoperability.


Instant Connect Enterprise Telephony™ integrates the ICE environment with public branch exchange (PBX) environments via SIP, giving users seamless access from the world’s public phone networks.  ICE Telephony™ lets anyone connect from virtually any phone around the globe, anytime and anywhere.


Instant Connect Enterprise Archiver™ will offer users a reliable, easy-to-use recording service that captures and records audio streams and metadata. With ICE Archiver™, customers will be able to record and archive vital communications streams to meet today’s critical auditability and other mandates.

Platform Clients

Instant Connect Devices


The Instant Connect Enterprise Mobile™ client turns smart phones and tablets into state-of-the-art PTT devices with full access to Instant Connect Enterprise’s best-in-class feature set. Voice, automated talk groups, auto-discovery of voice assets, dynamic channel creation, and more – the ICE Mobile™ client puts all of this at your workers’ fingertips.


The Instant Connect Enterprise Desktop™ client application turns any computer into a state-of-the-art voice endpoint capable of supporting push-to-talk (PTT) voice, IP Telephony, private point-to-point and dynamic channel creation, auto-discovery of voice assets, instant playback, and more. The ICE Desktop™ client can digitally integrate with Trellisware, Silvus, and Persistent Systems MANET radio as well as legacy radio gateway devices.


The Instant Connect Enterprise DesktopPlus™ client offers a higher and broader level of browser-based performance for power users. The ICE DesktopPlus™ client supports cross-banding and patching of voice resources and other capabilities for advanced users seeking a deeper use of the software.

IP Phone Client (Cisco)

The Instant Connect Cisco IP Phone Client™ is an Instant Connect Enterprise client running as an XML service on Cisco IP phones. The ICE Cisco IP Phone Client™ provides the ability to send and receive audio transmission on assigned channels using Cisco IP phones.