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Today's workforces are working smarter and safer than ever
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Welcome to the Smart Workforce

ICE Desktop & MobileThe smart workforce is a workforce that leverages the world’s smartest communications software – Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE). ICE is a lightweight, easy-to-use communications platform that allows anyone to connect via any device, on any network, anywhere in the world, to collaborate and achieve your mission. Supporting voice and data-rich workflows that speed situational awareness and incident resolution.

Oil and gas. Mining. Utilities. Manufacturing. Security. Smart cities. They all share a common goal – to empower their people by giving them the best possible tools to succeed. They all use Instant Connect Enterprise at the center of their smart workforces.

The Power of Smart

The Power of Instant Connect Enterprise

Higher Business Output

Turn any device on any network into a connected PTT device. Enable new workflows that speed situational awareness and incident resolution. Auto-discover voice assets and dynamically set up talk groups. We keep everyone collaborating and productive TOGETHER, whether on their mobiles devices, radios, laptops, or other IP devices. Your teams can instantly communicate with dispatchers, contractors, and each other – everyone collaborating in instantaneous group calls. Your real-time business output just skyrocketed.

Safer and Healthier Employees

Enhance day-to-day safety and incident response. Improve compliance. Minimize OSHA-reportable incidents. Nothing takes precedence over the safety and well-being of your employees, especially those in fast-moving environments or out in the field. And nothing gives your people greater peace-of-mind than knowing if anything happens, they are just a push button away from assistance. Plus our “man down” feature speeds response when an event, like a fall, incapacitates the user.

Better Economics and Profitability

Reduce TCO. Improve IT economics. Enhance your radio infrastructure. Contribute to the bottom line. Your radio networks have been invaluable, now you can protect and augment them by adding mobile and IP to the mix. No need for your IT team to discard existing infrastructure, relearn skill sets, or commit to lengthy implementation timetables. Deploying Instant Connect Enterprise™ is about leveraging your existing networks while providing a pathway to next-gen mobile and IP technology like 5G. Fast, hassle-free deployment. No ugly surprises. Just a smooth, cost-efficient evolution into the future.

State of Alaska

Alaska DOT is using Instant Connect to help manage one of the toughest stretches of road in the world – the Dalton Highway.
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Alaska DOT