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Instant Connect DevicesThe Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) platform is empowering today’s mobile workforces to work smarter, faster, and with greater strategic impact on the productivity of the enterprise. This, in turn, impacts profitability and competitive advantage. Here are a few of the ways the world’s smartest communications software is changing how people communicate and excel.

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Fueling Collaboration

Data, voice, and physical location for on-the-move workers – all connected back to the command center.

  • Improved situational awareness and incident response connecting any and all devices
  • Dynamic assembly/disassembly of task-based, cross-platform talk groups that instantly link all designated team members whether on mobile, radio, IP, or telephony devices
  • Real-time collaborative decision-making – all key team members are connected no matter the device, network, or geographic location
  • Automatic disassembly of the talk groups once the task or mission has been completed, allowing workers to return to their normal activities

Enhancing Worker Safety

GIS/GPS confirms who is where and what they’re doing – out in the field, along a pipeline, utility, or transportation line, in plant or corporate campus.

  • “Man down!” Alert from device automatically sent to command-and-control
  • Secure virtual talk groups dynamically link remote worker in trouble with response teams
  • GIS/GPS identifies location
  • Help is on the way

Enriching Operational Awareness

“Geofence boundaries” help maintain oversight of critical systems and operational areas like mining and pipeline projects.

  • Geofences automatically created and adjusted as mining or pipeline projects progress, changing the contours of the sensitive areas
  • IoT sensors or video feeds trigger an alert about potential intruders in sensitive area
  • Talk groups automatically created to link key personnel
  • Nearest security staff (radio) identified and contacted – security immediately investigates

Improving Turnarounds

Faster turnaround of scheduled maintenance of mines, plants, refineries, and other strategic assets using third-party workers.

  • Multiple “geofence boundaries” created
  • Authorized third-party contractor cleaning crews with BYOD automatically joined and added to channel as they enter the check-point areas (via GIS/GPS or QR codes) – and disconnected when they leave
  • Work crews closely monitored via GIS/GPS mapping based on movement in and out of check-point areas
  • Refinery or mine back online ahead of schedule – shorter turnaround!

Averting Shutdowns

Data-based workflows help identify and avert issues before they become problems.

  • Alerts from manufacturing robot sensors (IoT) indicate a possible malfunction
  • Talk group automatically created linking key stakeholders
  • Remote expert joins talk group to conduct diagnostics
  • Remote expert conducts PTT call to warehouse for emergency delivery of new part
  • Data is shared as the part arrives and is installed

Accelerating Repairs

Voice and data help accelerate resolution of a malfunction in a remote transformer to minimize potential downside.

  • Real-time trigger from IoT sensor confirms nature and location of malfunction event out in remote area
  • Designated talk groups automatically alerted
  • Nearest technicians dispatched to site with replacement parts

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