Today's most advanced voice plugin for ATAK

Interoperable, serverless push-to-talk – the tactical edge you've been waiting for.

Upgrade your ATAK missions with the world’s most advanced military-grade push-to-talk

The Instant Connect voice plugin brings push-to-talk channels to the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), enhancing situational awareness and enabling more efficient tactical coordination – your paths to mission success.

Embraced by the U.S. Military and its coalition partners

Stay mission-ready with seamless communication using the industry-leading Instant Connect app – embraced by every branch of the U.S. Military and many Allies worldwide as today's most advantageous push-to-talk. This is the voice of victory.

Unparalleled interoperability

Instant Connect adds talk channels to ATAK, connecting users with teammates who rely on diverse networks and devices (e.g., radios, mobile) to collaborate in a channel.

Serverless voice

The plugin can run without a server connection, allowing for communication in remote locations, server-limited areas, and rapidly changing tactical challenges.

Real-time language translation

Our software automatically translates "any language to any language" so warfighters and governments can seamlessly communicate with comrades – and keep multilingual missions on track.

Game-changing tech for coalition warfighting!”

Division Director of Tactical Mission Networks and Innovation, U.S. Department of Defense

Great bit of kit here. Works really well with our new BGAN Patrol to give beyond-line-of-sight connectivity.”

Business Development Manager for the UK Gov, NATO, and European Defence Agency, Major satellite telecom company

Ready for a tactical upgrade? Better coalition collaboration? Step up to Instant Connect

Enhance situational awareness and mission readiness across devices, networks, and geographies – from the front lines back to base.  Keep everyone communicating and collaborating even in the harshest environments.  Optimize mission success in a world that never stops presenting challenges.

Experience the benefits of adding voice to your ATAK app with a FREE DEMO today!

Note: the demo offers a subset of our full feature set and does not include capabilities like real-time language translation. It’s an introduction to the operational advantages you can expect from our complete solution.


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