Real-time language translation

Eliminate language barriers and maximize mission success with Instant Connect. Our push-to-talk software automatically translates "any language to any language" so warfighters and governments can seamlessly communicate with comrades – and keep multilingual missions on track.

Trusted by the elite

Proven leadership delivering multilingual voice communications in some of today’s toughest environments. Our JITC-certified push-to-talk (PTT) platform with automated language translation is the go-to choice for those who demand seamless military-grade communications.

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The modern military is constantly evolving, especially when the armed forces of different nations merge together to collaborate on shared missions and initiatives.

Together with Rally Tactical Systems’ Linguistic Services and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Instant Connect talk channels deliver speech-to-speech language translation that elevates your voice communications.

Warfighters can now speak different languages and instantly communicate with each other, without fear of communication gaps or misinterpretation.

 Instant Connect bolsters NATO readiness!

On-the-go voice translation

Talk channels in any language you need

No more translators, no more delays.

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Simply set the languages you need to accommodate everyone on your team. Configure the Tx/Rx languages you require for the mission, and your talk channels behave accordingly.


English. Ukrainian. Swedish. Japanese. Thai. Etc. You speak it, we’ll automatically translate into the languages your comrades can understand.

Transmit / Receive

Everyone is instantly heard the way they need to be. No more language barriers, misunderstandings, or delays that can lead to unwelcome trouble.

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A platform for every voice

Translate over any device, network, and operating system

Instant Connect talk channels come in many forms, connecting warfighters with each other and with command-and control. Everyone is connected no matter the network or device – radio, MANET, IP, mobile. So you can bridge and translate voice traffic across any military communication system.

ATAK / WinTAK plugins

Our plugins run seamlessly on military apps like Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) and Windows Tactical Assault Kit (WinTAK).

Windows / Android / iOS apps

Our mobile and desktop apps run on all the operating systems you use to complete the mission.

Server on Microsoft AKS

Instant Connect runs natively on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), enabling fast setup, deployment, and management of talk channels.

Telephony integration

Take advantage of language translation with your existing telephone systems. No expensive upgrades or additional hardware needed.

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Free ATAK plug-in demo

Take the Instant Connect ATAK plug-in for a test ride. See for yourself why Instant Connect is actively engaged with every branch of the U.S. military.

ATAK plugin demo
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Radio / IP interop

Seamless communication between radios and IP devices

Instant Connect enables fluid communication across the U.S. Army tactical network and beyond in two ways: interoperability and "any language to any language" translation.

Tactical radio interoperability

Instant Connect can monitor, transmit to, and connect any tactical radio system, including legacy combat net radios and modern mobile ad hoc network (MANET) radios.

Connect radio and IP

Once a radio system is connected to the IP network, Instant Connect bridges radio and IP communications in unified talk channels that cut across any voice-enabled device or network.

Talk in any language

Instant Connect integrates with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to deliver real-time, speech-to-speech language translations.

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ATAK / WinTAK plug-ins

Push-to-talk on ATAK

Communication is the thread that ties together every aspect of a mission, from navigating and targeting to sharing data and situational awareness. That's why the Instant Connect plug-ins for ATAK and WinTAK are must-haves for warfighters. Teams can navigate, target, and share intel with confidence, using Instant Connect's versatile talk channels directly within the apps.

The plug-ins are compatible with server-based and serverless infrastructures, have built-in language translation with support for over 70 languages, and integrate with tactical headsets and push-to-talk controllers from INVISIO and FalCom.

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Built for joint military and government operations

When seconds matter, you can’t afford misinterpretations. Whether it’s massive multinational humanitarian initiatives, joint force military training exercises, or live deployments, language barriers can cause serious consequences. That’s where we come in: "Loud and clear."

Faster decisions

Never pause the mission for a translator. Teams can share information and respond without delay.

Coordinated missions

Language barriers can't derail the mission. Let's improve collaboration with your coalition partners.

Elevated awareness

Know more about what's happening around you, no matter who’s talking or in what language.

The gold standard in push-to-talk

JTIC-certified, DoDIN approved

The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) has certified Instant Connect as a secure, reliable, and interoperable voice communications system. This approves the platform for use on the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN). When warfighters need seamless communications with their comrades, Instant Connect – on DoDIN's approved product list – is built for mission success.

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