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Instant Connect unlocks a next-gen breed of automated push-to-talk (PTT). Our voice communications platform delivers the world’s first smart talk groups for frontline teams, improving the way they collaborate in an increasingly automated world.

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Smarter voice comms for frontline teams

Instant Connect provides PTT voice communications and workflow automation for frontline teams that collaborate in fast-moving, hazardous, or remote conditions. The Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) software platform creates a unified voice environment that allows teams to communicate across any voice-enabled device or network—radio, LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, IP, and telephony. 

ICE also delivers the world’s first smart talk groups. In response to IoT triggers, proprietary smart geofences, and other real-time inputs, ICE can automatically kickstart workflows or create talk channels that connect the workers who are essential to completing a task or mission.

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World's first smart talk groups

Frontline workers tend to collaborate in teams with a shared mission—whether it’s to execute a business workflow, or resolve an unexpected incident. ICE understands this and creates talk groups in real-time that connect workers who are both available and designated by an organization to address a particular task. These “task forces” are then able to communicate over a mission-based talk channel with the right experts, when and where it matters most.

That’s why organizations around the world choose smart talk groups over conventional PTT solutions—to get the job done better, faster, and safer.

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