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Raise your voice with smarter push-to-talk

Instant Connect is the world's most interoperable push-to-talk (PTT) platform for industry, first responders, and militaries. Today's dynamic commercial and military operations rely on Instant Connect to eliminate communication breakdowns, protect their workers, and optimize productivity on the frontlines.

Connect with anyone, anywhere

Teams operating in high-risk environments can’t afford communication breakdowns in crunch time. Instant Connect’s interoperable push-to-talk voice environment works on any device or network—LTE, 5G, radio, Wi-Fi, IP, and telephony—so you can keep your teams connected anywhere and everywhere.

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Respond in an instant

Dynamic organizations are driven by a unique patchwork of systems, procedures, tools, technologies, and experts. And your organization faces communications challenges that change by the minute. That’s why Instant Connect comes with automated features that help you do what you do better, faster, and safer.

Get connected

Instant Connect integrates with:

  • IoT devices
  • proprietary “smart geofences”
  • role and scheduling systems
  • autonomous vehicles
  • and much more

Based on alerts triggered by these real-time inputs, Instant Connect can automatically kickstart workflows or assemble talk channels that connect the experts who are available and designated by an organization to complete a task or mission.

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