5 Ways We Empower Your Workforce

Achieve your mission with Instant Connect.

Empower, inspire, unleash

Oil and gas. Mining. Utilities. Aviation and other transportation. Warehousing and distribution. Public safety including police and fire. Government and the military. They all share a common goal – to empower their people by giving them the best possible tools to succeed. Collaboration tools like Instant Connect can literally transform your teams’ situational awareness and ability to achieve your mission.

1. Improves situational awareness

Instant Connect keeps everyone collaborating no matter how they want to communicate – radio, phone, text, video, etc. Your teams can instantly communicate with dispatchers, with field personnel, and with each other – everyone collaborating in instantaneous group calls – using their mobile devices, laptops, and other IP equipment as push-to-talk devices. Your operational success just skyrocketed.

2. Enhances decision-making

When there’s an event or emergency, your teams need access to vital information. They also need to be able to collaborate. Instant Connect makes it, well, instant.

3. Improves worker safety

Nothing takes precedence over the safety and well-being of your employees, especially those in fast-moving environments or out in the field. And nothing gives your people greater peace-of-mind than knowing if anything happens, they are just a push button away from assistance. Plus our “man down” feature provides automatic alerts when an event, like a fall, incapacitates the user.

4. Protects and extends your radio investments.

Your radio network(s) have been invaluable. We know that better than anyone. Now it’s time to evolve your communications by adding mobile/IP to the mix. Turning your mobile and desktop IP devices into PTT devices – everything communicating together – helps you leverage your existing radio network investments and do more with them.

5. Accelerates time-to-value

No need for your IT team to discard existing infrastructure, relearn skill sets, or commit to lengthy implementation timetables. Deploying Instant Connect is about leveraging your existing networks while providing a pathway to next-gen technology using a Cisco-proven deployment methodology. No ugly surprises. Just a smooth, cost-efficient evolution that accelerates time-to-value.