ICE Advanced Desktop

Centralize and enhance operational management and dispatching with our easy-to-use command console.

Get control

Take command of the front lines

The ICE Advanced Desktop™ offers a broad array of dispatching and management capabilities for administrators, dispatchers, and other users responsible for command-and-control, operations, and overall ICE communications performance.

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The ICE Advanced Desktop interface allows managers to easily configure and monitor ICE users and talk channels.

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Managers can quickly configure how they want to leverage ICE’s breakthrough automated feature set based on business rules, security requirements, and other parameters set by the enterprise. These automated features include:

Comprehensive, with patching

ICE Advanced Desktop supports patching (merging) of voice resources for advanced users seeking a deeper use of the software. The patching service allows desktop users to create, modify, or manage patches between multiple talk channels. This opens up important opportunities to connect diverse users across geographies, networks, and use cases. For example, ICE users can patch disparate radio talk groups together, such as donor-attached DMR radios with donor-attached P25 radios.

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