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Authentication, provisioning, location, presence, alerting, archiving, patching (merging of channels), and playback.

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Record and relax

Our built-in archiving gives you a reliable recording service that captures and records audio streams and metadata. You can record and archive vital communications streams to meet today’s critical auditability mandates.

Relax! You have a retrievable communications trail.

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Connect via any phone

With built-in telephony support, Instant Connect can link with public branch exchange (PBX) environments via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

This gives you seamless access to the world’s public phone networks. Anyone can connect from virtually any phone around the globe, anytime, anywhere.

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Casting a wider net

The RallyPoint media bridge forwards audio and data packets across multi-network environments. It’s what allows Instant Connect to operate over any network from LTE (unicast) to traditional wired and wireless IP networks (unicast, multicast, or both).

This is the kind of innovative connectivity that made Instant Connect a Gartner Cool Vendor.

RallyPoint / Security

Unparalleled encryption and security

Traffic between RallyPoint and a client is encrypted using AES256 over a multiplexed tunnel, secured using TLS 1.2.  So even if a group’s traffic is unencrypted (an option on a per-group basis), the traffic in the tunnel between end-user and RallyPoint is encrypted.

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Powered by automation

The ICE platform is data-driven with workflow automation, IoT integrations, smart geofences, and more. See how our dynamic automation engine boosts productivity and enhances your push-to-talk investment.

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