ICE Mobile and ICE Desktop apps

Equip virtually any device with push-to-talk and automation.

Voice that works the way your teams do

The ICE Mobile™ app and ICE Desktop™ app turn mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptop computers, barcode readers, handheld computers—virtually any device from iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. to military-grade ATAK and other voice devices—into a push-to-talk (PTT) device with access to our market-leading feature set.

The two ICE push-to-talk apps put a new breed of data-rich voice communications at your teams’ fingertips, using whatever voice-supported device they prefer to work with.

This includes access to the world’s first dynamic talk groups, which can be automatically assembled and disassembled based on triggers like scheduled workflows, IoT sensors, or unexpected incidents.

It’s never been easier to turn a device into a voice endpoint that supports PTT, dynamic channel creation, IP telephony, voice archiving, instant replay, and more.

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The Instant Connect advantage

Users can participate in a single channel or, when needed, in multiple channels simultaneously. Talk channels can be dynamic, assigned, or ad hoc. The channels can be 1-to-1 (private) or 1-to-many. They can be dynamically assembled in real-time, manually created (ad hoc), or pre-scheduled based on pre-defined workflows or tasks. Users can join, detach, or switch channels as needed to juggle multiple tasks and stay connected to whomever needs to reach them.

With ICE's "operational chat" feature, users can share textual messaging with teammates while continuing to participate in multiple talk channels. The text messages can be 1-to-1 (private) or 1-to-many (a group of individuals within a channel), all secure within the ICE environment. ICE users can share text messages independently with select team members, or they can send the messages to everyone within a talk channel.

Depending on the device, users have access to workflow automation features, smart geofencing, and more. ICE clients can digitally integrate with Trellisware, Silvus, and Persistent Systems MANET radio networks, as well as legacy radio gateway devices.

Cisco IP Phone App

Connecting frontliners to the front office

The ICE Cisco IP phone app lets users on Cisco IP phones connect with frontline personnel on mobile, radio, or IP devices, using core voice capabilities. Now everyone from the corporate office to remote locations can use PTT to connect and communicate via voice. The app acts as an ICE Mobile+ client, running as an XML service on Cisco IP phones.

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