ICE Radio Bridge

A hardware-agnostic radio environment that puts you on the path to true Digital Radio Interoperability.

Digital – real-world, right now

The ICE Radio Bridge™ provides comprehensive digital interoperability connecting the ICE environment to a virtually limitless array of radio networks – whatever radio environments you have today or want to connect to in the future. This includes voice, text messaging, GIS, and other relevant data features.

The ICE Radio Bridge supports broad digital wireline integration to the world’s digital trunked radio systems, such as P25 and Kenwood’s NEXEDGE Gen 2. These digital integrations are separate from – but seamlessly blended with – any donor-attached radio integrations your communications may require.

Connect multiple networks

Any radio to any radio

Regardless of the radio manufacturer or device type, you can use the ICE Radio Bridge™ to connect and enhance multiple radio networks across large geographical areas.

It supports both wireline radio interoperability and donor-attached integration with trunked radio systems like Kenwood NEXEDGE Gen 2, P25, as well as other commercial trunked systems. With the ICE Radio Bridge, you are on the path to true Digital Radio Interoperability.

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Reduce upgrade costs

Add mobile and IP users to your existing radio infrastructure

Expanding your PTT coverage doesn't necessarily require buying more radios.  Using ICE software, you can extend the coverage of radio networks by leveraging IP, MANET, LTE, and 5G networks. All fully connected and collaborating with your radio users.

The bottom line: more workers connected via PTT without having to invest in more radio infrastructure.

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