Tactical communications for warfighters on the move

Instant Connect is the world's most interoperable tactical communications platform, providing a unified voice environment for warfighters at the edge and C2 ops centers distant from the battle.

Preparing elite militaries for the next fight

The world of military communications never stands still. Instant Connect is keeping pace with it. Our voice interoperability software and push-to-talk application connect soldiers with their comrades on the battlefield and anywhere else in the world. Think of it as an adaptive nervous system that keeps your teams talking, even in the most contested environments.

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The leader in military voice

Why allied militaries around the world—including every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces—are engaged with Instant Connect...

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Tactical radio interoperability

No need to rip and replace legacy combat net radios. Instant Connect can run voice over any MANET while also extending the coverage and capabilities of the MANET.

Mobility with low SWaP

Forget lugging around servers on the battlefield. Go with serverless voice from Instant Connect instead, reducing the hardware footprint of your voice communications.

ATAK and WinTAK plugin

How can a team (let alone a platoon or company) plan and execute a mission, if they can’t communicate? That’s where Instant Connect comes in, as the mission-critical voice communications plugin for ATAK and WinTAK.

Any network or device, anywhere

A single communications environment keeps militaries on and off the battlefield connected via any device or network, including LTE, 4G, 5G, radio, IP, telephony, MANET, and more.

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unified communications

Tactical radio interoperability

As the world's most interoperable communications platform, Instant Connect can run over any MANET for robust connectivity between warfighters at the edge and their C2 counterparts.

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Bridge MANET and tactical IP

Extend radio communications to the tactical IP network, enhancing connectivity between C2 centers and warfighters on the battlefield.

Bridge any radio voice nets

Connect any radio channel for users of any MANET or combat net radio—regardless of manufacturer and even when multicast traffic is unsupported.

JITC certified

The Joint Interoperability Test Command has approved Instant Connect for base deployments.

Enhancing tactical resilience

Together with the U.S. Army, Instant Connect is pushing the limits of interoperability for the Integrated Tactical Network.

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world's first serverless voice

Serverless deployments for Low SWaP

When you can’t (or don't want to) rely on servers for your voice communications, run Instant Connect without one. This is the world’s first lightweight, serverless push-to-talk—ideal when servers are down, inaccessible, or inconvenient.

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Designed for mobility

No server requirements means no more cumbersome hardware slowing you down on the battlefield.

Serverless gateway integration

You no longer need a SIP server to integrate with radio gateways from leading manufacturers.

Any network and MANET

Instant Connect can run over any network—LTE, 4G, 5G, wired, Wi-Fi, and leading MANET radio systems.

Robust communications

Don't worry about server uptime anymore—your voice communications won't depend on it.

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ATAK / WinTAK plugin

Push-to-talk on ATAK

Navigating. Targeting. Sharing data. Understanding terrain. Warfighters manage a lot on the battlefield, and communication ties it all together. If you use Android Tactical Assault Kit to plan and execute your missions, Instant Connect is available as the "go-to" voice plugin for ATAK and WinTAK.

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Real-time translation

Never stop communicating, even in other languages

At times, inter-force communications require overcoming language barriers. Let Instant Connect make sense of the conversation. Within seconds, we'll translate the audio from a talk channel into your preferred language. No need to put operations on hold until a translator can intervene—keep the dialogue going.

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