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Unleash Your Frontline Teams
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Unleashing the productivity, efficiency, and safety of your frontline workforce.

Instant Connect is redefining how frontline teams communicate and collaborate to meet the mission of the enterprise.

Dynamic Frontline Communications™ from Instant Connect leverages the proven performance of push-to-talk while also adding revolutionary new capabilities in dynamic, mission-based, cross-platform communications. This is the future of frontline communications.

Dynamic Frontline Communications in Action

eBook: Automated push-to-talk with dynamic talk channels, IoT, geofences, and more

Keep your teams connected, productive, and safe with game-changing voice and data communications.
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Automated Push-to-Talk eBook

Redefining How Frontline Teams Communicate

Performs Like No Other Push-to-Talk Today



Auto-discovers subscribers. Supports dynamic channel assembly/disassembly, geofences, mapping. Optimizes situational awareness.
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Quick deployment

Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid – use any mix you prefer. Combines scalability with cost-efficiency. Lets you add subscribers effortlessly with minimal footprint.


World's first interoperable communications that can run without a server. Keeps your teams talking no matter what.


Empowers you to work with both hands while easily communicating with colleagues and partners. Improves business output and results.

Instant Connect Enterprise Solution Overview

ICE Overview PDFGet an in-depth understanding of the Instant Connect Enterprise™ dynamic frontline communications platform. Explore our portfolio of modular software services, feature set, and specs in this informative overview.

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Unleash the productivity, efficiency, and safety of your frontline workers

Today's frontline workforce is the most important asset of your enterprise. We'll help keep your people connected, productive, and safe.

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Higher productivity & business output

Turns any device on any network into PTT. Enables new data-rich workflows. Turns situational awareness into action and results.
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Safer & healthier employees

Enhances day-to-day safety and incident response. Improves compliance. Minimizes OSHA-reportable incidents.
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Better economics & profitability

Reduces TCO. Improves IT economics. Contributes to the enterprise's overall performance and financial health.

Welcome to Dynamic Frontline Communications™

The Instant Connect Enterprise platform leads with innate intelligence and self-discovery.
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