Any device.
Any network.

What mission-critical communications are meant to be.  


The world’s first and only secure communications platform that seamlessly links mobile, enterprise telephony, and radio in a single, device-independent environment.

 Mobile devices. IP phones in the office. Push-to-talk handsets. Now everyone can communicate over the same network, regardless of which devices they’re using.

We make it simple. We make it instant.

Business Critical. Mission Ready.

Workforces across the globe are using Instant Connect to tear down silos and embrace a new level of connectivity that links radio with mobile and enterprise telephony. They’re augmenting their radio networks – getting more out of their existing investments – with new communications capabilities that turn mobile and desktop IP devices into full-featured push-to-talk (PTT) devices.

Go ahead, use whatever communications devices you want – smart phones, tablets, radios, laptops, office phones, desktop PCs. In whatever combination you prefer. Mix and match as needed. No matter the device, we’ll keep you and your teams seamlessly connected. And add important new collaboration capabilities including video, alerts, live mapping, and location tracking.

With Instant Connect, your mobile and other IP devices get full push-to-talk capabilities.

All within a single integrated environment that unleashes a new era of situational awareness and mission-critical communications.

Instant Connect shines at Milipol Qatar 2018!

Attendees at the Milipol event in Doha, Qatar, October 29-31, 2018, took a deep look at Instant Connect’s hybrid mobile-radio-IP communications platform and liked what they saw. The world’s most flexible proven hybrid platform for mission-critical communications. As a Cisco Solutions Plus partner, Instant Connect offers a game-changing combination of performance, reliability, and return on investment backed by an unparalleled Cisco lineage. Our collaboration with Cisco’s infrastructure experts made for a fabulous event.

A single integrated environment – what your dispatchers want and need.

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Cisco strong. Because you deserve nothing less.
We’re a longstanding trusted Cisco Partner. In fact the Instant Connect technology was originally developed at Cisco in response to the events at 9/11. Read on!

Instant Connect's Amazing History

Liftoff: An Air-to-Ground Dispatch System that is helping to save lives.

The CALSTAR story!

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