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Stay connected with the world's leading IP-based tactical communications software platform for military and government. Secure, reliable, and adaptable to the specialized needs of elite teams.

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What users say...

"Applications like ATAK and Instant Connect enable seamless and assured communications with our partners and a shared understanding of the operational environment."

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Colonel, U.S. Army

"Instant Connect is the gold standard of voice. I love how their automation lets our users turn insights about crowd behavior into real-time action."

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Zack Klima, CEO, WaitTime

"Airport operations has adopted Instant Connect as their own. The IT team recommended this solution, and it's gratifying to have it embraced as a purpose-built business solution. "

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Mike Heath, Calgary International Airport

"Local dispatchers are always surprised at how easy Instant Connect software is. They expect a big learning curve, but literally within minutes they're off and running."

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Sam Villagrana, City of Sikeston

Tactical communications platform

Unify your teams

Superb communication is the lifeblood of military, government, and commercial operations. Instant Connect delivers, with a voice-over-IP (VoIP) platform that creates a communications bridge for elite tactical teams. Regardless of the devices or networks they use to communicate – LTE/4G/5G, radio, Wi-Fi, IP, or telephony – they'll remain seamlessly connected, even in the harshest environments.

Say hello to the world's most advanced and interoperable push-to-talk (PTT) platform. Your mission requires nothing less.

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ATAK voice plug-in

Elevate your ATAK with voice

Upgrade your experience of the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK). Instant Connect's voice plug-in embeds versatile talk channels directly within the ATAK app.

These are not yesterday's ATAK talk channels. Instant Connect channels provide server-based and serverless support as well as built-in language translation. And, of course, unmatched interoperability. Teams can talk not only with other ATAK users, but also with non-ATAK users communicating on other devices such as radios, telephones, or the Instant Connect app.

Want to give it a try? Request a free demo below.

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any device or network

Voice interoperability at its best

Cellular. Wi-Fi. IP. Radio. What do you need to connect? Let's hear it.

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Bridge radio systems

Connect any radio network to any other radio network for seamless radio interoperability. Instant Connect bridges multiple radio systems via ISSI wireline or donor-attached integrations.

Connect radios and IP devices

Connect any radio to any IP-connected or mobile device. Now radio users can talk to their colleagues on IP or cellular devices and vice versa. This lets team members seamlessly participate in radio channels even when they’re far outside the coverage limits of the radio network.

Reduce radio costs

Give radios to the people who need them. For everyone else—give them our mobile PTT app running on smartphones. No need to buy more expensive radio handsets.  Our app will do the job even better.

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Enhancing combat readiness at U.S. Military's Griffin Shock 23 exercise

“Cloud-based capabilities and applications like…Instant Connect enable seamless and assured communications with our partners and a shared understanding of the operational environment.”

Michael R. Kaloostian, United States Army Colonel

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Talk without a server

Welcome to the world's first serverless voice communications — perfect for military and other mission-critical use cases where servers are unavailable or inconvenient. Spare your back and leave the heavy equipment behind.

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We’re here to help your operation succeed. Read the FAQs below or get in touch and we’ll answer your questions.

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Is Instant Connect right for me?

Instant Connect technology works for any team that relies on various devices and networks to communicate – frontline, mobile, corporate, etc. Our software allows users to work the way they like to work—whether it’s on a company-owned device or their own, whether it’s a radio, smartphone, tablet, IP system or device, telephony device, or virtually any other voice-enabled tool.

We are working with leading organizations in major industry segments around the world to optimize their productivity and worker safety. We are also collaborating with military, defense, and intelligence agencies to help support their overt and covert missions. Because no two organizations are alike, we offer flexible deployment options to support the unique needs of your operation—even serverless options.

How do you compare to other push-to-talk solutions?

No competitor solution can compare to Instant Connect’s industry-leading feature set. Here are just three examples:

Interoperability.  Our software can seamlessly integrate radio, mobile, IP, and telephony networks, as well as bridge a broad range of radio networks to enable true “any radio to any radio” connectivity.

Automated.  Instant Connect provides the world’s first smart talk groups, with workflow automation capabilities that are far superior to the cookie-cutter offerings from competitors like simple checklists.

Users can simultaneously participate in as many dynamic, private, and ad hoc talk channels as they need to stay connected and juggle multiple tasks and events. The software is flexible, fluid, and infinitely adaptable to the needs of frontline workers whose challenges never stop shifting.

Leveraging IoT alerts and other triggers such as smart geofences, Instant Connect’s automation engine, Dyna™, unlocks communications possibilities that elevate your teams’ productivity to another level.

Serverless.  We offer the world’s first voice communications options that are ultra-lightweight and require minimal IT infrastructure—perfect for industry and military teams on the move. Learn more here.

Is it easy for me to integrate with existing networks and/or switch from another platform?

Instant Connect collaborates with many of the world’s leading brands and carriers across radio, cellular, wireless, IP, and other networks.  We integrate quickly and efficiently in cross-platform environments. In fact, this is one of our strengths. Let’s talk about your challenges and how we can help get your operation where you need it to go.