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Welcome to Instant Connect's mission-critical business communications platform.
Modernize Your Communications

Communicate seamlessly, regardless of device

Instant Connect connects people.  We transform today’s fast-moving, geographically-dispersed workers into connected, high-productivity teams that can share audio, data, and video over the same networks, using any device they want. We’re the first open, standards-based communications platform that seamlessly links mobile, radio, IP telephony, and centralized dispatch in a single, secure, device-independent environment.

Collaboration tools like Instant Connect can literally transform your teams’ situational awareness and ability to help achieve your mission. Learn about the five ways we empower your workforce.

Close your communications gaps – connect anywhere

The Instant Connect platform closes communications gaps by offering total connectivity for remote field users, office staff, distributed teams, and leadership utilizing any mix of radio, mobile, and telephony devices. All centrally managed via our dispatch console. Group-to-group communications, alerts, texts/data, location-tracking, and best-in-class video – all built-in!
Inside the Platform
Instant Connect Platform

Make smarter use of your existing radio infrastructure

We expand and extend your radio investments by letting multiple radio networks communicate with each other and with other users like Mobile and IP. Your radio infrastructure is no longer constrained by RF footprints – it's instantly modernized!

The world’s most trusted companies, trust Instant Connect

We work with today’s leaders in oil and gas, utilities, mining, transportation, education, public safety, and other sectors to optimize worker safety, situational awareness, incident response, and operational success. Our platform has become integral to our customers’ success.

Industries We Serve

Cisco Logo

We’re a longstanding trusted Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner. In fact, the Instant Connect technology was originally developed at Cisco in response to the events of 9/11, where there was a gap in the ability of first responders to communicate across organizational and technical boundaries.

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