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Create a talk channel

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1) Select channel type

Admins can choose between assigned, ad hoc, and automated channels.

2) Define interoperability

Define how the channel connects over the network, enable telephony, and select radio interoperability type by choosing between P25 and Kenwood wireline integrations.

3) Assign users and priority

Manage who can participate and how. Control encryption keys, dial-in numbers, network settings, and more. Assign transmit priority to select individuals.

4) Customize

Configure an unlimited number of talk groups for events, departments, regions, venues—whatever makes sense for your operations.

Learn more about channels
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Assemble a team

Spread the word. Deploy voice communications with unmatched flexibility.

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Add anyone—employees, contractors, vendors, supervisors—across separate organizations and legal entities. All talking on one channel, seamlessly.

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Sign-in and authenticate participants remotely via mobile device management (MDM). No effort on their part required.

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Patch teams together

Need to connect multiple channels, so transmissions on one are heard on every channel in the patch? It's easy. Patch the channels you need to connect, and just like that, you’ve expanded the conversation to include users across departments, geographies, networks, use cases, and more. You can also connect disparate radio systems, such as donor-attached DMR systems with P25 radios.

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Respond faster with Smart Talk Groups

Accelerate incident response with automated voice channels, which can be dynamically created or modified as part of a workflow, scheduled or unscheduled. System malfunctioning? Get your team down there ASAP. IoT sensor tripped? Know why, virtually as soon as it happens. Then solve it.

Learn about Smart Talk Groups

Reduce device costs

As the world’s most interoperable push-to-talk, Instant Connect reduces the number of devices required to run your operations.

Replace radios

Workers don't have to juggle radios, phones, and other devices like barcode readers to do their jobs and connect with colleagues. They can use one device for push-to-talk and everything else.

Buy fewer devices

You don't need a smart device for every employee. With multi-user sign-in, workers can share the same device across shifts. Everyone’s privacy is protected, and so is your budget.

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Get connected push-to-talk

Ready for smarter push-to-talk that can help your teams respond faster to incidents? Contact us or download our eBook to learn more.