Instant Connect – because your operation is on the line.

The geography: harsh, unpredictable, and unfriendly. The equipment: large, complex, and dangerous. The locations: both above and below ground. The threat: workers isolated, out of communication, unable to respond to incidents, and situationally unaware of what is happening with the rest of the team.

If Mining doesn’t require a superior communications environment that keeps everyone connected, what does?

The solution is Instant Connect.

Today’s mining companies share an immovable challenge: Turning their previously isolated radio network “islands” (with limited RF footprints) into an integrated communications environment that not only connects with mobile and IP, but expands and extends the radio infrastructure for unparalleled return on investment.

We’ll show you how dozens of Instant Connect customers are managing this evolution right now.

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Relentless challenges

When it comes to mining, staying connected isn't a nice to have. It's essential to success.