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Mining & Underground Communications

From pit to port, Instant Connect push-to-talk helps optimize mining operations and safety, above ground and underground.

the modern mine

Connected push-to-talk

Today’s mines face intense pressure to operate safer and more autonomously. Instant Connect can help. Our push-to-talk software seamlessly integrates with the infrastructure you already have in place, so that your teams can be automatically connected in a talk channel following any incident, or as part of any workflow. This elevates situational awareness and accelerates incident response, so that miners are safer and more productive.

You’ll also get more out of your IT investment. Whether you need to extend radio infrastructure or consolidate communications onto IP, LTE, or 5g networks, we can make it happen. Gone are the days of miners juggling multiple devices to communicate and do their jobs, as well as enterprises having to bridge multiple networks to keep their workforce connected. We’ll connect your teams across virtually any device, operating system, and network—radio, LTE/5G, Wi-Fi, IP, and telephony.

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smart talk groups

Respond faster and safer

Our Smart Talk Groups™ can be triggered by IoT devices, systems, autonomous vehicles, Smart Geofences™, and more. So mining teams can prevent more incidents, or resolve those that do occur faster and safer.

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Hazardous sites

Collaborate to mitigate unsafe areas

Vehicle turnaround

Accelerate operations

Equipment malfunction

Respond when thresholds are exceeded

Lone worker

Leave no one behind

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Simpler operations. Higher ROI.

Why you need a voice platform that's people-centered and powered by automation.


Consolidate devices and networks

Whether it's augmenting or replacing radios, or moving operations to private LTE/5G—we'll ease your transition.


Enhance the safety of your teams

By eliminating gaps in communication above and below ground, and adding safety features like "worker down," ICE protects your workers.


Leverage existing investments

Radio. LTE. 5G. IP phones. You name it, we can connect or replace it, ensuring none of it goes to waste.

Curious about radio replacement?

We'll take you there.

Private 5G

How connected is your mine?

Ready for your 5G transition
The modern mine is a complex web of devices, IoT cameras and sensors, systems, machines, and people. All dispersed and in motion across vast geographies. Connecting these pieces safely and reliably requires the high-performance, ultra-low latency, wireless connectivity that 5G can provide. The ICE platform is an industrial-grade voice solution, ideally suited to mines that are transitioning to private 5G enterprise networks.

Automation with a human touch
The concept of automation is often interpreted as a replacement for people. Instant Connect's smart talk groups make miners more effective. ICE's automation engine uses data from IoT sensors, security and scheduling systems, and unmanned vehicles in order to instantly trigger workflows and create talk groups that connect the personnel essential to completing a task. The result? Increased safety, improved production efficiencies, and higher workforce productivity.

62% of mines

plan to increase automation in 1-2 years

44% of mines

seek to build remote ops centers

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Use case: Smart geofence

An autonomous transport vehicle passes through a smart geofence surrounding an extraction zone. An alert message is sent to ICE.

ICE automatically creates a talk group connecting on-site handlers and a remote supervisor.

The vehicle is rapidly loaded and deployed to the nearest processing site.

Digital radio interoperability

Enhance or replace radio

Instant Connect extends the reach of radio systems by allowing them to communicate with other radio systems, as well as with smartphones, IP phones, laptops, headsets, barcode readers—any voice-enabled device. Or, if you want to move beyond radio, we can put you on the path to full radio replacement. The choice is yours.

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