Mining Communications Platform

Instant Connect Enterprise push-to-talk – because your operation is on the line.
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The geography: harsh, unpredictable, and unfriendly. The equipment: large, complex, and dangerous. The locations: both above and below ground. The threat: workers isolated, out of communication, unable to respond to incidents, and situationally unaware of what is happening with the rest of the team.

The solution is Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE).

Today’s mining companies share an inevitable challenge: Turning isolated radio network “islands” with limited RF footprints into an integrated communications environment that not only connects with mobile and IP, but expands and extends the radio infrastructure without requiring massive re-investment. The goal? Improve worker safety, productivity, and peace-of-mind.

We’ll show you how Instant Connect Enterprise customers around the world are managing this evolution right now.

Case in point: man down!

“Man down!” An alert from an ICE-connected device is automatically sent to other ICE mobile users with exact GIS/GPS coordinates. A secure virtual talk group is dynamically created linking the remote worker in trouble with response teams. Help is on the way!  Not only have you rapidly attended to the subscriber in distress, you’ve eliminated wasted man-hours, fuel, and vehicle wear-and-tear trying to find him or her.

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