Serverless deployment at the tactical edge

Run Instant Connect over any network and MANET without a server, and integrate with radio gateways without a SIP server—just a few of the ways we cut weight and free you up to communicate better on the move.

connecting the edge

Talk without a server for better connectivity

Voice interoperability is the backbone of our communications platform, even without a server. Best of all, going serverless does NOT mean sacrifices in flexibility, or dangerous gaps in communication on the battlefield. With Instant Connect, warfighters can communicate and stay connected whatever the situation demands.

Any network and MANET

Run Instant Connect over LTE, 5G, wired, Wi-Fi, and MANET networks—Silvus, TSM, Persistent Systems, and more.

Serverless gateway integration

Leave the SIP server behind. It's not needed to integrate with radio gateways from CisTech, Vocality, NRG, Cisco, and other leading manufacturers.

Share talk channels in seconds

Scan a QR code to open a mission file pre-loaded with channels and settings. Everyone can gain access without having to connect to a server.

Mix serverless and server-based

Mix and match serverless and server-based deployments of Instant Connect depending on location, infrastructure, C2 requirements, and mission.

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Arming warfighters with smarter voice

Speed and connectivity are vital to survival and victory. But there's always room for improvement. Here's what you can expect from a serverless deployment of Instant Connect...

Move faster

Lock and load with a lower SWaP so you and your comrades can move swifter. Pack or wear a tiny computing device and Instant Connect will run on it.

Be more resilient

In the middle of nowhere? Need ground support or medivac? You have bigger things to worry about than server uptime. We'll keep your teams talking even when a server can't be accessed for whatever reason.

Assemble teams in seconds

Get on the same page instantly. Our serverless mode allows you to create and share talk channels in seconds, without the hassle of having to create and manage user accounts on a server.

mission file sharing

Spread the word in a hurry

Instant Connect allows users to instantly create tactical talk channels and save channel configurations in a mission file. Within seconds, users can open and share everything they need to coordinate operations—network and interoperability settings, status and presence, and location. Everyone with access to the mission file has the same channels and settings at their fingertips, without needing to create an account or connect to a server.

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flexibility at your fingertips

Mix and match serverless and server-based

Today's warfighters need a communications solution that can dynamically adapt to the world around them. With Instant Connect, teams can easily utilize both serverless and server-based communications—mixing and matching deployment methods as needed—to meet the demands of location, infrastructure limitations, and situations. Flexibility at its finest, designed to help you win.

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Ready to level-up?

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