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Public safety communications platform

First responders and public safety teams need a voice communications platform that is flexible, secure, and reliable. Instant Connect answers the call with military-grade voice interoperability and push-to-talk that work across any device, network, and operating system.

Modern voice for elite public safety agencies

Join police forces, firefighters, emergency response services, government agencies, and other public safety organizations using Instant Connect today. We’ll help you modernize your frontline communications with voice-over-IP (VoIP), protect and enhance your existing radio investments, and open the door to better inter-agency collaboration.

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Why Instant Connect?

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DMR/P25 radio interoperability

Connect any radio network to any other radio network for seamless radio interoperability. Instant Connect bridges multiple radio systems via ISSI wireline or donor-attached integrations.

Connect radio with non-radio users

Connect any radio to any IP-connected or mobile device. Now radio users can talk to their colleagues on IP or cellular devices and vice versa. This lets team members seamlessly participate in radio channels even when they’re far outside the coverage limits of the radio network.

On-prem voice support

With Instant Connect, you won’t have to rush your voice communications to the cloud. Our on-prem solution will allow you to maintain tight control of your audio traffic and data security—and we won’t stop supporting you.

Reduce radio costs

Give radios to the people who need them. For everyone else—give them our mobile PTT app running on smartphones. No need to buy more expensive radio handsets.  Our app will do the job even better.

Assign talk priority

With transmit priority, you can decide which users have the ability to override all other transmissions with urgent messages. The voice that’s most needed is always heard.

ATAK and WinTAK integrations

When it comes to mission planning and execution, communication is key. That’s why Instant Connect is the voice plug-in of choice for ATAK and WinTAK situational awareness apps.

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Voice fit for first responders

First responders reacting to the events of 9/11 were victims of technical barriers, unable to communicate across disparate devices and RF networks. Instant Connect’s unified communications environment creates a world where everyone is connected, so communication isn’t compromised in critical moments.

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Faster incident response

From medical transport to search and rescue, emergency teams require interoperability that keeps the lines of communication wide open – when breakdowns can't happen and minutes matter most.

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Integrated with ATAK/WinTAK

When it comes to covert operations and regional/national security, situational awareness is critical to planning and executing the mission. Discover why government and intelligence agencies at the local, state, and national levels choose Instant Connect to help optimize their operational success.

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save on radio

Reduce your radio inventory

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) has long been the communications backbone of public safety. Instant Connect helps you preserve and enhance this critical investment while also giving you an opportunity to reduce your overall radio inventory. No need to buy new expensive handsets when you can move to our mobile app on Android and iOS smartphones – and keep everyone connected across both radio and non-radio.

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Bridge LMR, LTE, and IP communications

Instant Connect provides operators of public safety systems with the world's most interoperable VoIP platform that allows for communication across any device, network, and operating system. The platform supports push-to-talk, IP telephony, data, video, text, and LMR interoperability that meets P25 ISSI standards.

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Step up your game with mission-critical voice communications from Instant Connect. Unlike other providers, we won't put you on hold.