Find out what 300+ Instant Connect customers already know.

Our customers know Cisco-built Instant Connect for our performance, reliability, and scalability. They know we take mission-critical communications where no one else can – into a bold new era of integrated connectivity across radio, mobile, and enterprise telephony. They know we’ll help keep their people instantly connected no matter the device.

300+ customers around the world, each with their own Instant Connect stories to tell. Here are just a few:

Air rescue that is helping to save lives …

California Shock Trauma Air Rescue (CALSTAR)

“Instant Connect gave us options for our radios. We knew we could interface and work with whatever radio, repeater, satellite, and communication links or devices that we needed to. That’s possible because of our Cisco architecture.”

Paul Morales
IT Manager and Senior Network and Systems Engineer,


Challenge: Needed to bring air-to-ground dispatch capabilities in-house; to ensure always-available communications among the CALSTAR Communications Center (CALCOM), flight crews, medical teams, first responders, and hospitals; and to keep everything simple so that technology is invisible and teams can focus on safety.

Solution: Instant Connect, seamlessly built on the existing Cisco network, has been deployed for fast, centralized communication among first responders, CALCOM, helicopter bases, flight crews, and hospitals – regardless of the radio endpoints used.

View the CALSTAR Case Study (PDF)

Utility that’s powering the future …

SCANA Services

“SCANA has a number of two-way radio systems that range from low to high band, digital to analog, and trunked to individual channels. For years, interoperability was just not practical for SCANA. Instant Connect has allowed us to obtain interoperability across regions and systems, including links to our IP telephone networks. Instant Connect has opened our future to a wide spectrum of options.”

Oscie Brown
General Manager, SCANA Services

Challenge: Needed to integrate over 50 different radio channels across a three-state region (Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina); to modernize existing systems with flexible IP Dispatch to improve coordination and management with the field workforce; and to meet regulation banning cell phone in commercial truck fleet.

Solution: SCANA now has a standards-based centralized, flexible, converged architecture leveraging Instant Connect, Cisco Land Mobile Radio gateways, and ISR G2 routers.

Communicating in remote regions …

State of Alaska, Department of Transportation

“With Instant Connect, we were able to deploy a truly unified and connected land mobile radio, telephonic, and administrative network with a system capable of programed expansion by simply modifying the end points to meet mission requirements as needed, without forklifting the entire network.”

Jeff Russell
Dalton District Superintendent, State of Alaska DOT

Challenge: Needed to implement phone, radio, and Internet communications capabilities along one of the harshest stretches of highway in the United States – the Dalton Highway (also known as “Haul Road”) – with absolute reliability in spite of extreme conditions.

Solution: The Instant Connect environment seamlessly supports fixed and mobile communications across telephone, radio, Internet, and other devices with push-button simplicity. Alaska now has network connectivity for Dalton and Elliott roadways with highly secure data, voice, video, and application services back to the office. And a complete IP-based dispatch and incident response system.

View the Alaska DOT Case Study (PDF)

Keeping the public safe …

New Zealand Police

“Implementing Instant Connect has significantly improved functionality and provided the flexibility to respond to quickly and effectively to rapidly changing emergency response scenarios.”

Warren O’Connor
National Networks Manager-Data
New Zealand Police

Challenge: Needed to quickly and effectively respond to rapidly-changing emergency response scenarios, and to work with both legacy and new digital radio systems.

Solution: Thanks to Instant Connect, any radio channel can now be accessed by the Dispatch Console, Operators Console or IP Phone anywhere in the country. This improved capability was of particular benefit for meeting response to the earthquake in Christchurch as well as the radio communication requirements for the Rugby World Cup.

Improving quality-of-life …

Holyoke Gas & Electric

“Working in conjunction with the Holyoke Police Department, Holyoke Gas & Electric is already engaged in efforts to both decrease crime and improve the quality of life in our City. As both a utility and a service provider to the city, we believe Cisco’s urban security solutions and vision for video will play a key role in helping us achieve the community’s goals.  ”

Jim Lavelle
Manager, Holyoke Gas & Electric

Challenge: The City of Holyoke, Massachusetts, needed to implement Cisco’s services-led vision of Smart+Connected Communities; and to help contribute to a safe environment for citizens.

Solution: Cisco Smart+Connected Communities now provides a network-enabled blueprint for successful ‘smart’ cities of the future. Instant Connect offers network-based voice, video and data transmitted for timely dispatch and effective crime and incident management.