Go beyond radio with smarter push-to-talk

Utility teams often work alone in remote or hazardous conditions. That's why Instant Connect push-to-talk is built to work on any device, network, and operating system. It doesn't matter if it's an iPhone, ruggedized phone, radio, or hands-free headset. Our platform makes sure your teams in the field will stay connected to the people and information they need, without disruption.


Stuff breaks. Your voice shouldn't.

Whether it’s a downed power line or a surging power grid, utility workers are used to things going wrong. The same shouldn’t be true of the technology they use to communicate with team members and supervisors. That’s why Instant Connect works across virtually any device, operating system, and network: LTE, 5G, IP, telephony, and radio. Workers simply select the device they prefer to work with, and everyone can talk to each other.

Instant Connect does what radio can’t. Use a phone to talk to radio users. Share texts and photos with a team. Leverage automation to instantly connect experts in close proximity to an issue. Extend communications to field teams when radio repeater sites are without power. Integrate with SCADA sensors to automatically create alert-based workflows. Send weather-based alerts. And more…


Extend or replace radio

Instant Connect extends the reach of radio systems by allowing them to communicate with other radio systems, as well as with smartphones, IP phones, laptops, headsets, barcode scanners—any voice-enabled device. Or, if you want to move beyond radio, we can put you on the path to full radio replacement. The choice is yours.

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Ready to raise your voice?

Contact us today to get started, or download our eBook to learn how Instant Connect reduces gaps in communications and accelerates incident response.


Powering voice when nothing else works

Instant Connect creates order out of chaos for fast-movers in remote, hazardous, or dynamic situations. Our Smart Talk Groups combine automation and voice communications, so organizations can instantly connect their utility teams in talk channels designed for a task or mission.

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Customized channels

For departments, teams, regions, emergencies—it's your call

One voice, without disruption

Frontline-ready talk channels that work across disparate systems and networks

Automation / IoT / SCADA

Smart geofences, weather-based alerts, SCADA sensor integrations, and more

Smart geofences

Customizable boundaries that connect workers in an area you define

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Powering better business

Resilient voice not only connects and protects your workers. It also pumps new life into your bottom line.


Consolidate devices and networks

Buy less stuff—channels, spectrum, maintenance packages, batteries—and trim the list of vendors you need to manage.


Connect radio and non-radio users

Extend your RF footprint by bridging radio to IP, cellular, and telephony networks. No more communication gaps.


Automate standard operating procedures

Work orders, shift changes, safety checks, personnel entering or exiting a geofence—Instant Connect tracks it for you.

Power up smarter voice today

Learn more about how Smart Talk Groups can improve the way your teams communicate, collaborate, and perform.

Use case: Power surge

A platform monitoring a power grid detects the system is about to exceed its operational threshold.

Instant Connect receives a webhook and instantly assembles a talk group connecting a supervisor to nearby workers in close proximity to the power grid.

A system expert is rapidly deployed to the site, who is able to identify the issue and repair a faulty component before the system shuts down.

Smart geofences

Improve situational awareness with Smart Geofences

Our Smart Geofences™ combine the best of GIS/GPS-based location tracking, workflow automation, and voice. These virtual boundaries are fully customizable, allowing utility companies to designate mission-critical areas of any shape or size. When workers or assets cross a geofence, Instant Connect can automatically create a talk channel to connect your teams so they can respond faster to any incident.

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