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Get teams talking fast

Frontline work is hard. Creating and deploying talk channels shouldn’t be.

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Connect your teams

Assign your experts to the channels they need and quickly get them talking.

Customize channels

Get creative with who you want to connect: experts, departments, regions, venues—you name it.

Simple setup and patching

Virtually anyone can create and modify channels, or patch together talk groups—no special skills are required.

Instant deployment

Push your channel and configuration changes to participants instantly. Less delays. More productivity.

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channel types

Easy to use

Welcome to hassle-free push-to-talk. Just choose the channel type that suits your task or mission, and off you go.

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An administrator creates the channel, manages participants, and much more.

Ad hoc

Anyone can create an individual channel on the fly to connect with colleagues, supervisors, vendors, and more.


Streamline operations with the world’s first Smart Talk Groups™. Dynamically create or modify channels as part of a workflow—scheduled or unscheduled. Learn more

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Streamline operations

Create channels on the fly

On the frontlines, a task or mission is rarely static. Anyone can instantly set up ad hoc talk channels and then change them on the fly as the situation evolves. Simply add or remove participants in real-time, so the right people for the job are always connected when and where they're needed.

Or let Instant Connect do it for you with Smart Talk Groups.

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multiple talk groups

Never miss a critical conversation

Unlike radio, Instant Connect allows individuals to be connected to as many push-to-talk channels as they need, at the same time. Multitasking across multiple talk groups has never been easier—simply switch channels to stay on top of the information that matters to you.

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Cut through the dialog

Prioritize who gets to talk

In many conversations, certain users may need the ability to interrupt all other transmissions with an urgent message. Do it easily with Instant Connect. Our transmit priority feature lets you assign Tx priority to users on an assigned channel. While anyone can transmit or receive on the channel, these prioritized users can interrupt all other transmissions when their message must be heard by everyone.

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Add radio users

Talk channels from other push-to-talk providers are limited to smartphones and cellular or WiFi networks. For the modern operation, this excludes a lot of the workforce. That’s why our channels offer seamless wireline radio, donor-attached radio, and telephony integrations. Your entire team is kept in the loop. No one is left behind.

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