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Logistics communications and dispatch

Big money is being invested in technology solutions that help leading logistics companies excel amid chaotic conditions. See how Instant Connect can improve team communications and response with push-to-talk automation.


Move faster, respond smarter

Supply-chain bottlenecks have become the norm, requiring logistics companies to find smarter ways to run their operation across all facets of the business: safety, operations, quality control, maintenance, and supply-chain management. In short, the show must go on and companies must run like an orchestra. How? By removing gaps in communications and accelerating incident response.

Instant Connect’s voice platform helps logistics teams increase productivity and better coordinate supply-chain operations. The combination of push-to-talk and workflow automation delivers a unified communications environment that eliminates manual processes and allows teams to communicate across virtually any device, network, and operating system—radio, LTE/5G, Wi-Fi, IP, and telephony.

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Create order out of chaos

Our Smart Talk Groups™ help frontline teams communicate better in dynamic situations. They can be triggered by IoT devices, systems, scheduled workflows, Smart Geofences™, and more to automatically create talk channels on the fly. For logistics companies that rely on data, systems, and digital workflows to move goods faster along the supply chain, Smart Talk Groups are a logical fit. They unlock new possibilities for collaboration so that teams can deliver better, faster service each step of the way.

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Facilitate fleet and warehouse activities


Know the status of workers and assets


Streamline repairs and turnarounds


Collaborate with partner organizations

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Smarter teams, better business

Collaboration is the bedrock of any well-run business. We improve communication amongst your teams, so you can improve your bottom line.


Consolidate devices and networks

We'll seamlessly connect your teams and partners, no matter what device or network they use to communicate.


Connect a shifting workforce

Expanding into other areas of logistics, or partnering with outside organizations? Let us connect your new teams.


Leverage existing investments

Radio. 5G. Wi-Fi devices. IP phones. Barcode scanners. You name it, we connect or replace it—use it until you're ready to move on.

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Improve situational awareness with Smart Geofences

Smart Geofences™ from Instant Connect combine the best of GIS/GPS-based location tracking, workflow automation, and voice. These virtual boundaries are fully customizable, allowing logistics companies to designate mission-critical areas of any shape or size. When workers or assets cross a geofence, Instant Connect can automatically trigger workflows or create talk groups to connect your teams so they can respond to incidents faster.

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Use case: Truck turnaround

An inbound truck crosses a geofence near a major logistics hub.

ICE is instantly triggered to create a talk group connecting the driver, dock crews, and warehouse manager.

The manager directs the crew and truck to loading bay #114. The truck is rapidly unloaded, then immediately loaded with outbound shipments.


Enhance or replace radio

Instant Connect extends the reach of radio systems by allowing them to communicate with other radio systems, as well as with smartphones, IP phones, laptops, headsets, barcode scanners—any voice-enabled device. Or, if you want to move beyond radio, we can put you on the path to full radio replacement. The choice is yours.

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In the warehouse and on the road, see how Instant Connect can help you reduce gaps in voice communications and accelerate incident response.