Smarter voice communications for sports and entertainment

Need to make your fans happier and business healthier? Instant Connect's automated push-to-talk (PTT) platform can help modern stadiums increase event-day revenue through better crowd management and faster incident response.

the modern stadium

Smarter voice, smarter event management

The fan experience is all about safety and smooth operations on event day. ICE voice is powered by automation and works across any device or network, ensuring your entire workforce—on-site, off-site, part-time, full-time, and across organizations—responds to incidents better and faster with the information available to them.

Our Dyna™ push-to-talk automation engine can receive any webhook to instantly trigger workflows and create talk groups on the fly. Dyna can be configured to integrate with building and security systems, or respond to inputs such as time, role, and location data.

It’s the key to connecting only the workers needed to complete a task, as quickly as possible.

smart talk groups

Manage multiple events—simultaneously

Smart talk groups from Instant Connect are powered by automation and allow team members to participate in multiple channels—at the same time. So your teams can address any crowd-related issue better and faster.

Smart talk groups

Crowd ingress/egress

Streamline fan traffic

Security risks

Suppress threats to patrons

Medical emergencies

Patch in first responders instantly

Lost items

Find and return personal belongings

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Improve teamwork with smart talk groups

Better collaboration starts with better communication. That's where we come in.

Simplify your operations

Enjoy the many benefits of an automated, fully interoperable voice solution.


Improve the fan experience

Minimize crowding, move more product, and ensure the fan experience is the best it can be.


Manage high-turnover teams

Connect full-time staff, temp workers, and volunteers—no matter who is on call that day.


Integrate with IoT

Integrate voice with IoT sensors and building systems to enhance situational awareness and incident response.


Optimize IT spend

Reduce radio costs and overhead by extending your radio network.


Instant Connect and WaitTime: Optimizing the fan experience

Turn insight into action
Instant Connect is proud to be partners with WaitTime, the leader in crowd intelligence. WaitTime's camera-based, AI-driven software measures crowd movement and density, allowing event teams to minimize crowding and maximize product delivery in customer spaces. Meanwhile, fans can better navigate venues and reduce the time they spend waiting in lines. When WaitTime identifies high crowd densities and long wait times, Instant Connect can instantly put a team on it, connecting event team members in voice channels to quickly resolve the task at hand.

Move more product
The majority of fans spend more on concessions when wait times are cut in half. Together, Instant Connect and WaitTime streamline crowd flow and enable event teams to accelerate service delivery. The result? Moving more product.


of fans would spend more with shorter wait times (Oracle)

10 min

the max acceptable wait time to buy food/drinks (Oracle)


want in-seat delivery (Oracle)

Use case: Stadium security

At a sporting event, security staff and temp workers are ready to support 60k+ spectators. Staff are using radios while temp workers are connected on their smartphones (BYOD). An IoT door sensor detects a trespasser near a gate and sends an alert to ICE.

ICE instantly assembles a talk group connecting security, temp workers, and a remote command center supervisor. The talk group includes location information, springing the team instantly into action.

The on-site team coordinates a response while the remote supervisor patches in local police. The intruder is quickly located and apprehended. Once the issue is resolved, the talk group is automatically disassembled and everyone resumes their normal duties.

Radio interoperability

Enhance or replace radio

Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) supports full radio interoperability. So whether you want to extend your network, patch together radio nets, connect systems used by first responders, or hop on a path towards full radio replacement—ICE is ready for you.

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