Log critical details on every channel, every time

Drop the pen and paper. Close Word and Excel. With Instant Connect's automated Ops Log feature, you can simplify and enhance how your mission communications are managed, archived, and reviewed.

A desktop monitor displays the Ops Log interface, showcasing its features such as multichannel communication tracking, message transcriptions, and commenting capabilities for efficient operational oversight.

Ops [Log]

Automated logging of mission communications

Radio operators: forget listening to radio traffic and trying to capture every word. Ops Log puts an automated mission communications scribe in your tactical operations center. Simply select the channels you want to log for a mission, and every critical communication—voice net recordings, real-time transcriptions of talk channel audio, multimedia, operator notes, and more—is automatically documented and organized on a single dashboard.



Every word, every channel, every mission—it’s all recorded and ready for action or review. In tactical operations, where the margin for error hovers close to zero, this level of speed and detail is essential. Because logging is never just about logging—it’s about honing your strategy and maintaining absolute command over a mission’s narrative to optimize the odds of success.

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A complete picture of your operations

All the mission details you require are documented, preserved, and retrievable in a single dashboard.

Voice recordings & transcriptions

Ditch the pencil. Voice net recordings are automatically stored and transcribed, reducing the delays and human errors that can be associated with manual log entry.

Text messages & multimedia

Chats, files, graphics, videos — Ops Log applies the same function to every format: automatic archive. If it was sent on a channel, it's captured for review.

Translation support

Get automated transcriptions of talk channel audio in 70+ languages, matching the target language of a translated talk channel—ideal for coalition forces.


Think of a live Word file for missions. Administrators have the ability to correct inaccuracies and offer additional context or insights for any type of record in the activity stream.

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> Command with confidence

Empower every mission phase, from planning to debrief

Ops Log is your strategic partner, enhancing operational command, performance, and outcomes at every turn of your mission.

Strategic planning

Kick off missions with confidence, knowing every plan is backed by the most comprehensive intel available. Because you're not just planning – you're fortifying your first steps towards victory.

Real-time tracking

As the mission unfolds, plans change and clarity is king. Comprehensive real-time communication tracking provides the sharp oversight needed to make immediate adjustments and decisions as the situation changes.

After-action reporting

The mission might be over, but the insights are just beginning. After the dust settles, dive into debriefs with detailed logs that turn every mission, regardless of outcome, into a stepping stone for future triumphs.

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Support for 70+ languages, classified networks, and more

If your missions cross borders or operate on closed networks, Ops Log still has you covered.

Translated transcriptions

Tracking a mission conducted by coalition forces? Your logs can accommodate your foreign allies, with voice net transcriptions that match the target language of a translated talk channel.

Works on classified networks

Off the grid and operating on a closed network? Ops Log delivers just the same for missions in disconnected environments.

Radio/IP interoperability

You can only consolidate what you can connect. Instant Connect allows you to link radio networks. mobile, and other devices together – all connected over IP. Ops Log then logs all the communications that come through.

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Drop the pen and paper

Discover how Ops Log can redefine your tactical communications to boost your odds of mission success.