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We keep frontline teams connected

Instant Connect is the world's leading IP-based push-to-talk software platform for military and government. We're transforming how eliite teams collaborate and stay connected so they can operate safer, smarter, and with superior agility. No matter how fast everything keeps changing, it's Mission Accomplished.

Born on 9/11, with our roots in Cisco

The need for converged, interoperable voice

The events of 9/11 exposed a glaring inability of first responders to communicate across organizational and technical boundaries: push-to-talk (PTT) devices and radio networks were isolated from each other, unable to connect to other devices and networks.

So the engineers at Cisco asked the question: What if all devices could share a common environment that allowed individuals to use virtually any device they wanted, anywhere, to communicate?

Soon after, software was devised to connect audio streams from various networks over IP. The journey towards unified communications had begun.

The platform that makes it all happen today is called Instant Connect. Now, everything and everyone who need to be, can stay connected.

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Automated push-to-talk

A new breed of voice

Conventional push-to-talk simply can't keep pace with today's rapidly-evolving communications breakthroughs – innovations that include auto-discovery of voice assets, automatic assembly and disassembly of talk channels, automated workflows triggered by IoT alerts, Smart Geofences™ and more.

Instant Connect – powered by the Dyna™ automation engine – represents a new breed of push-to-talk. Our software connects frontline teams across virtually any device, operating system, and network. So workers never get disconnected and instead, gain the improvements in performance they need to always stay one step ahead of trouble.

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Dynamic Frontline Communications

Respond better with Smart Talk Groups

Instant Connect has unleashed a new breed of push-to-talk called Dynamic Frontline Communications™. Driven by automation, our software enables the world's first Smart Talk Groups™. They're how first responders, militaries, and frontline teams stay connected and on top of what's happening in remote, hazardous, and dynamic environments.

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Dillon Kane Group

A proven track record of innovation

Instant Connect Software LLC is an affiliate of the Dillon Kane Group (DKG), a Chicago-based provider of innovative technologies for diverse industries. As a Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, the Dillon Kane Group purchased Instant Connect from Cisco in 2018, with the entire Instant Connect leadership team joining DKG in the transition.

Since then, we have poured resources and investment into Instant Connect, leveraging our unique mix of business and software expertise to position Instant Connect at the vanguard of integrated 5G / LTE / Radio / IP / Telephony communications.

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DKG founded


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Instant Connect acquired from Cisco

Tens of millions

invested in Instant Connect R&D

2021 Gartner Cool Vendor

Don't take our word for it. See why Gartner named Instant Connect a Cool Vendor in Frontline Worker Technologies.

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