VoIP communication platform for emergency response teams

When it's an emergency, speed is everything. Instant Connect voice-over-IP (VoIP) connects fast-moving field responders with their off-site counterparts, within and across adjacent organizations. It's the glue that keeps teams talking, reduces gaps in communication, and extends the possibilities of radio.

Faster incident response, smoother command-and-control

Instant Connect is the world’s most interoperable voice communications platform. Our push-to-talk (PTT) software is tailor-made for emergency response teams that conduct ‘mission-critical’ services like medical transport, search and rescue, natural disaster response, and more.

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Push-to-talk and much more

Everything you love about push-to-talk, with more features, full support, and smarter interoperability.

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DMR/P25 radio interoperability

Connect any radio network and system to any other radio network and system for seamless radio interoperability. Instant Connect bridges multiple radio systems via ISSI wireline or donor-attached integrations.  No gaps – just seamless communication.

Connect radio with non-radio users

Connect any radio to any IP-connected or mobile device. Now workers on radios can connect to their colleagues on IP or cellular devices and vice versa.  This lets users participate in radio channels – even when they’re thousands of miles beyond the radio network – by simply using their smartphones!

On-prem voice support

We won’t rush you to move your voice communications to the cloud. Our on-prem solution will allow you to maintain tight control of your audio traffic and data security—and we won’t stop supporting you.  Migrate to the cloud only when you are 100% ready.

Reduce radio costs

Give radios to the people who need them. For everyone else—give them our mobile PTT app running on smartphones. Why buy expensive radio handsets when our convenient app will do the job even better?

Assign talk priority

Instant Connect’s transmit priority feature lets you decide which users have the ability to override all other transmissions with urgent messages. The priority team member is always heard!

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Tune in with or without a radio

With Instant Connect, personnel can participate in radio channels from anywhere using their preferred mobile device. It doesn't matter if they're outside the coverage limits of the radio network or what device they may be using—our VoIP app will instantly connect them.

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Any device

Make it easy for non-radio users to access the radio network on any device.

Extend coverage via LTE and IP

Extend the reach and connectivity of your radio network beyond its current limitations.

Reduce budget

If members of your team don’t need a radio 24/7, why spend thousands of dollars on one?

Talk or listen anywhere

Engage with your team anywhere in the world, as long as there’s a cellular or internet connection.

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Vital voice interoperability

Connect with all the people and information that matter to you. Whether you need digital radio interoperability or a communications bridge to other systems and networks—we've got you covered.

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Connect any radio to any radio

Bridge any DMR and P25 radio system via either ISSI or donor-attached integrations.

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Connect LMR systems to WANs

Link LMR systems and equipment to those operating over LTE, 5G, telephony, and IP networks.

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Connect with neighbor agencies in a flash

Need to connect with agencies in neighboring jurisdictions? You can add new users to an Instant Connect talk channel in a matter of seconds, bringing them into your mission-critical conversations if and when needed.

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Easy setup for users

New users simply download Instant Connect and scan a QR code to open a mission file. That's it, they're ready to engage.

Easy admin for you

There's no need to create and manage user accounts on a server for temporary users. It's hassle-free.

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Prioritize who gets to talk

At times, certain users may need to interrupt all other transmissions with an urgent message. Instant Connect makes this easy, allowing you to assign transmit priority to users on an assigned channel. While anyone can transmit or receive on the channel, prioritized users can interrupt all other transmissions so their message is heard by everyone.

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