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Push-to-talk automation, powered by Dyna™

Discover the power of automated talk channels and other advanced features powered by the Dyna™ push-to-talk (PTT) automation engine. Enhance situational awareness and speed up incident response in dynamic work environments.

For dynamic work

Boost awareness and response with automated talk channels

The Dyna™ PTT automation engine powers a unique set of automated capabilities, including the ability to automatically create talk channels in response to scheduled workflows, standard operating procedures (SOPs), or unexpected/unscheduled events (incidents). This rapid-response capability enhances situational awareness, speeds event resolution, and helps improve worker safety on the front lines. From lightweight serverless to enterprise deployments, you can start at your own pace and add automated features as your team’s voice communications needs evolve.


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Smart Talk Groups

Respond to incidents, instantly

Smart Talk Groups™ are the first of its kind, allowing organizations to dynamically create or modify a talk channel as part of a workflow, SOP, IoT trigger, or other event-triggered incident response. All powered by Dyna.

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Respond to IoT-triggered events

Instant Connect can automatically assemble talk channels linking designated personnel so they can rapidly respond to a variety of IoT triggers or events: license plate readers, stadium cameras, equipment sensors, and more.

Automate PTT workflows

The software instantly assembles and disassembles PTT channels in response to scheduled or unscheduled workflows. Set the rules, then let the Dyna do the work. Your teams are instantly connected when they need to be, then disassembled when the workflow is complete.

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Redefine the lines of communication

Stay in touch with your surroundings with Smart Geofences™. Whether you need to monitor a city block, a school, or a battlefield, simply draw a virtual boundary to designate a mission-critical area. When workers or assets cross the boundary, Dyna can automatically trigger a workflow or create a talk group.

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Add voice to existing workflows and SOPs

Want to learn more about Dyna? Explore the engine that drives workflow automation, Smart Talk Groups, Smart Geofences, and more. If your organization can benefit from the addition of a hyper-vigilant member on your teams, click the link below.

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