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Push-to-talk automation with Dyna™

Assemble talk groups automatically for better situational awareness and faster incident response. Welcome to the Dyna™ push-to-talk automation engine at the heart of the Instant Connect platform.

“Companies that would benefit from dynamically creating talk groups to complete a specific task or mission — increasingly in an automated fashion — should evaluate Instant Connect.”

Gartner 2021 Cool Vendor Report, Frontline Worker Technologies

Dyna™ automation engine: powering smarter voice

Improve incident response

The ability of a modern enterprise to successfully resolve an incident requires coordinating systems, networks, IoT devices, digital workflows, and ultimately, people. Our unique Dyna™ push-to-talk automation engine is embedded inside the Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) platform. The Dyna engine enables automated voice communications for a connected world, helping frontline teams communicate better in dynamic, no-nonsense work environments.

You don’t have to change how you operate. Dyna capabilities can seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure and standard operating procedures. Think of it as adding voice automation to your existing workflows. In response to any incident, Dyna can automatically create a talk channel that connects your teams so they can get the job done faster.

Why it matters

Turning IoT insights into action with the Dyna™ automation engine

This powerful automation engine is a core component embedded within the Instant Connect software platform, empowering users with automated features and a fast-path to the world of AI and bots.

Improve team focus

Based on the business rules you set, Dyna can automatically assemble a talk group that only connects the workers who are available and designated to address the task at hand.

Reduce operational oversight

Max productivity is achieved when relevant data drives communication. Dyna makes your teams hyper-aware by constantly monitoring cameras, sensors, and systems.

Respond instantly

Dyna can be triggered by a variety of inputs via webhooks and APIs. In response to these triggers, Dyna can instantly put a team together so they can get the job done faster.

Increase worker safety

Worker safety is enhanced when technology is present to monitor everything you tell it to, all of the time. If you're not paying attention to something, chances are, Dyna is.

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Dyna™ automation in action

A delivery vehicle approaching a chemical plant enters a Dyna-enabled smart geofence (virtual boundary). A remote camera instantly reads the license plate, automatically setting Dyna and the ICE platform into action.

Dyna automatically creates a talk group that connects the vehicle driver, loading dock crew, and an on-site operations manager.

The manager directs the truck to dock #3 where they await its arrival. The team quickly adds a remote safety officer to the channel so he can supervise the delivery – this is a delicate shipment. The truck is unloaded. Once it exits the virtual perimeter, Dyna automatically disassembles the talk group and everyone goes back to their routines.

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Iot on the rise

The need for frontline innovation

As the volume of data being created rises exponentially, many organizations have already hit a "digital wall" and are falling behind as data requirements and technological advancements evolve faster than they do. Adopting an engine like Dyna can be the difference between successfully leveraging data to improve operations or lagging behind the competition.


frontline workers in the U.S. alone as of 2020. (Statista)


devices will be connected by 2030, up from 13.8 billion in 2021. (Industry Research)


of new mobile/endpoint investments over the next 5 years will be for frontline workers. (Learn more)


of businesses will operationalize AI by 2025, up from approximately 10% in 2020. (Learn more)

2021 Gartner cool vendor

Leader in frontline push-to-talk

See why Gartner named Instant Connect a 2021 Cool Vendor in Frontline Worker Technologies.

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