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Push-to-talk Over WiFi

Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) can extend and enhance your push-to-talk infrastructure to boost frontline operational success.

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Pushing the boundaries of push-to-talk

Radio-based push-to-talk (PTT) has revolutionized how people live, work, play, and defend, allowing humans to communicate in ways that transcend geography to get more done and do things better.

The Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) platform takes PTT even further. Utilizing existing WiFi networks and infrastructure as part of a broad interoperable environment, ICE turns any device into a push-to-talk device.

PTT over Wi-Fi provides deployment flexibility for single-site (single access point) or wide area coverage (gateway to a wider IP-based network). It can be deployed as a single-site radio network, or multiple sites can be connected over an IP Network or VPN. Users are connected and collaborating in ways previously unimaginable.

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