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Serverless push-to-talk

In serverless mode, initiating team-wide communication is a breeze. Share pre-configured talk channels in seconds, and quickly add as many users as you need without the hassle of setting up user accounts. It's the fastest way to connect your team in secure communication channels that run over any network – radio, LTE, 5G, wired, or Wi-Fi.

Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE)

Effortless to deploy, easy on the budget

Organizations around the world – both commercial and military – are leveraging serverless communications from Instant Connect to collaborate faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever. Ideal for when servers are unavailable, inaccessible, or inconvenient. That's right—no server required.

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No requirement for servers means a fast, lightweight deployment without cumbersome IT equipment or lengthy setup in the field. No manual cycles to get ICE up and running – it's ready to go when your teams are.

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Less IT infrastructure means lower costs of transport, maintenance, and service. No need for expensive training. ICE is easy on your budget, freeing up money for comms or other IT projects.

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If for any reason your servers are suddenly unavailable or inaccessible, ICE will keep your voice comms humming. Your frontline teams are connected, productive, and safe to achieve the mission, no matter the circumstances.

Serverless / Server-based / Hybrid

As fluid as you need it to be

You can easily mix-and-match serverless Instant Connect deployments with full server-based ones depending on location, infrastructure, and use case. Integrate, expand, or contract your push-to-talk environment – servers and serverless working together – as you see fit.

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Is serverless right for you?

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