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Push-to-talk over 5G

Equip your frontline teams with the expanded bandwidth and performance of 5G.

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Improving collaboration for deskless workers

A recent survey found that 71% of communications decision-makers plan to invest in 5G technology because of its ability to improve operational efficiency. Why? 4G spectrum bands have become crowded, impacting communications, data, and video transmissions.

Push-to-talk (PTT) over 5G networks may solve many of these issues as organizations, like the EU-funded initiative Next Generation Platform as a Service, the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council, and the First Responder Network Authority develop new standards. A significant appeal of 5G lies in the enhanced internet of life-saving things (IoLST) – including wearables, sensors, smartphones, and drones – that can collect, analyze and transmit data and images between frontline teams. The Instant Connect platform is prepared to help you leverage and optimize your 5G implementation. Ready when you are ...

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