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Push-to-talk directly within ATAK

Get lightning-fast voice communications, tactical radio interoperability, and automatic language translation—directly within the tool you use every day.

Outmaneuver adversaries with Instant Connect's ATAK plug-in

Warfighters can't afford communication breakdowns slowing them down on the battlefield. That's where Instant Connect comes in, with a voice plug-in that provides serverless, interoperable push-to-talk directly within the ATAK app. With this tool at their fingertips, teams can communicate more effectively and respond faster in dynamic situations. Because in a fight with an adversary, seconds make all the difference.

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serverless voice

Talk without a server

You don’t need a server or SIP server to run Instant Connect within ATAK. Our plugin is designed to help you communicate off-grid, with a minimal IT footprint, and without disruption.

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With no need for a physical server, save on the cost of hardware, maintenance, and upgrades.


Easily scale Instant Connect up or down to meet changing needs, without having to purchase or maintain additional hardware.


Since there is no dependency on a single physical server, serverless voice communications keep humming even when no servers are available.

Easy to deploy

Setting up and sharing Instant Connect talk channels is much simpler and faster than deploying a traditional server-based system, allowing you to get up and running quicker than ever.


Serverless voice can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, allowing users to communicate remotely or on the go without the need for a remote access solution.

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Connect ATAK and non-ATAK users

Once the Instant Connect plugin is installed, ATAK users gain access to talk channels that connect them with their colleagues who are using the Instant Connect client on any device, whether or not a server is present. ATAK users can communicate with more members of their team, regardless of the devices they use or where they are located.

Such interoperability is critical when teams are using different devices and systems to communicate. Without it, ATAK users are forced to juggle multiple devices to stay connected with their team. This impairs their ability to quickly coordinate activity and share information—key factors in making split-second decisions and taking rapid action on the battlefield.

Additionally, ATAK users need the ability to communicate in situations where a server may be compromised or otherwise unavailable. The Instant Connect plugin offers this resilience, eliminating one more dependency that can potentially disrupt seamless communications.

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Download our free ATAK plugin, or read our eBook to learn more about Instant Connect's push-to-talk platform.