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Communications platform for government and intelligence

Perhaps you're tasked with protecting the people of a nation. Or you have your eyes on a country's borders and expressways. No matter the challenge, Instant Connect push-to-talk will help your teams stay coordinated on the biggest of stages.

Trusted by local, state, and federal agencies

Governments and intelligence agencies around the world rely on Instant Connect for smarter communications in missions vital to safety and security. As today’s most interoperable voice communications platform, Instant Connect makes it easy to connect people and information across any device, operating system, and network.

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Talk channels that bring everyone together

Next-gen push-to-talk, interoperability, and more.

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DMR/P25 radio interoperability

Connect any radio to any radio. We bridge radio systems via ISSI wireline or donor-attached integrations to keep everyone collaborating and talking.

Radio-over-IP made easy

Connect frontline users on radios to their colleagues on IP-connected or mobile devices. Everyone can participate in radio channels, even when they’re outside the coverage limits of the radio network. Instant Connect makes the world smaller and more connected!

On-prem support

Want to stay off the cloud until you know you are absolutely ready? Our on-prem solution allows you to maintain tight control of your audio traffic and data security.  We won’t rush you from the deployment you prefer.


Elite intelligence agencies and militaries rely on Instant Connect as their go-to voice plug-in for ATAK and WinTAK situational awareness. This is how missions operate and succeed.

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Access radio channels anywhere

Tune in with or without a radio

With Instant Connect, personnel can participate in radio channels from anywhere using their preferred mobile device. It doesn't matter if they're outside the coverage limits of the radio network—our VoIP app will keep your entire team talking.

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Bring your own device

Make it easy for non-radio users to access the radio network on any device.

Extend coverage via LTE and IP

Extend the RF footprint of your radio network beyond its current limitations.

Reduce budget

If members of your team don’t need a radio 24/7, why spend thousands of dollars on one?

Talk or listen anywhere

Engage with your team anywhere in the world, as long as there’s a cellular or internet connection.

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unified communications at its finest

Voice interoperability

Complex coordination requires masterful interoperability. That's where we come in. Whether you need digital radio interoperability or a communications bridge to other systems and networks—our talk channels connect you to the people and information that matter most.

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Connect any radio to any radio

Bridge any DMR and P25 radio system via either ISSI or donor-attached integrations.

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Connect LMR systems to WANs

Link LMR systems and equipment to those operating over LTE, 5G, telephony, and IP networks.

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Connect with neighbor agencies in a flash

Do your frontllne teams need to connect with agencies in neighboring jurisdictions? You can quickly add users to a talk channel and bring them into your radio/IP network in a matter of seconds. Now everyone's talking and collaborating.

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Easy setup for users

Users can easily download Instant Connect and scan a QR code to open a mission file. That's it, they're ready to engage.

Easy admin for you

There's no need to create and manage user accounts on a server for temporary users. It's hassle-free.

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Silent mode

Covert communications

Morse code, anyone? If discreetness is critical to the task at hand, silent mode will have your back. This mutes the talk channel, preventing incoming voice messages from being broadcast over the speaker on your device. To communicate, press the push-to-talk button as you normally would. Rather than keying your microphone, this will transmit tones instead.

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transmit priority

Prioritize who gets to talk

On some channels, certain users may need the ability to override all other transmissions on the channel. Put this control at their fingertips with transmit priority. While anyone can transmit or receive on the channel, prioritized users will be able to interrupt other messages so theirs is heard by everyone.

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