Military voice

A secure, unified communications environment across any device or network—regardless of terrain, tactics, or mission.

Who we serve

Here are just some of our military customers.

Arming the warfighter with smarter voice

Instant Connect represents the evolution of military-grade voice communications from fragmented, insecure, and IT-heavy to seamless, secure, and super-lightweight. Our software offers built-in ATAK and WinTAK integrations, with JITC Certification forthcoming.


Protects against threats and vulnerabilities, with device-level security and fully-encrypted traffic between media bridge and end-user devices.

Faster and smarter

IoT triggers, system integrations, and smart geofences help to automate mission workflows informed by your strategy and tactics.

Works with anything

A single communications environment keeps teams connected via any device or network, including LTE, 5G, radio, IP, telephony, MANET, and more.


The world’s first voice platform to offer a lightweight, reliable serverless solution – ideal when servers are unavailable, inaccessible, or inconvenient.

The modern operation

Making the complex, simpler

But interoperability is just the beginning. The automation engine at the heart of our platform can then automate mission workflows, integrate with IoT devices, and create “smart geofences.” When technology understands the mission and reduces human oversight, teams are safer and can stay one step ahead of dynamic situations.

Achieving the mission

A military talk group is connected via a secure, lightweight Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) as the team scouts and prepares to move on an enemy position. The network is serverless for maximum agility – virtually no IT infrastructure is required in the field. Soldiers, special forces, and infantry fighting vehicles are connected to each other and back to the field command center via both radios and ruggedized mobile phones using the ATAK client.

The unit prepares for action. Helicopters are added to the mission along with remote additional analysts as the team prepares to advance. Humvees are re-directed. The talk channel connects only the key team members essential to the mission, keeping all communications crisp and on-point. No other warfighters or units are interrupted, eliminating the clutter of conventional push-to-talk.

The unit is now in a position to advance, leveraging the automated communications and lightweight maneuverability of the MANET for strategic advantage. No one has to carry a data center on their back – or deal with manual processes – to stay connected across vast terrain. Radios, mobile phones, IP devices, even telephony – they all work seamlessly together. Everyone is in the best possible position to achieve the mission.

2021 Gartner Cool Vendor

Setting the standards for your success

Instant Connect is enhancing military operations and protecting soldiers with dynamic talk groups, workflow automation, serverless deployments, smart geofences, and more.

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Use case

Warfighters on the move

For military forces, the smart move is to use ICE to link ruggedized mobile phones and radios in a lightweight serverless deployment. No more lugging cumbersome IT equipment in the field or confronting dangerous gaps in communications between devices as soldiers attempt to connect between different technologies.

Everyone will be securely connected via smart devices in a super-lightweight, super-connected mobile communications environment.

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Use case

Covert ops with burner phones

Intelligence agencies can conduct covert operations by using burner phones connected via a Raspberry Pi (or similar) – no server needed. Behind-the-lines operators and intelligence personnel can rely on public carriers while ensuring fully secure, anonymous communications. At the end of the mission, burner phones are wiped clean and discarded.

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Get armed with better voice

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