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Our global push-to-talk and VoIP/RoIP ecosystem is taking Dynamic Frontline Communications™ to the next level in partnership with many of the world's leading communications companies. A fast-track to innovation and customer value.

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Applied Research Associates is developing an Android Technical Assault Kit (ATAK) plug-in that will enable ATAK users to use Instant Connect’s ICE Mobile+™ push-to-talk (PTT) app.

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As a long-standing Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, we’re collaborating with Cisco to provide its customers with best-in-class PTT and other leading-edge communications capabilities. We’re helping to optimize frontline operations for enterprises across a wide range of industry segments – energy, mining, sports/events, logistics, aviation, rail, seaports, government, and more.

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Instant Connect’s partnership with Cisco Meraki is driving innovation in PTT automation. ICE accepts webhooks from Meraki sensors and cameras to automatically trigger workflows and create talk channels on the fly. Click below for instructions on how to configure a Meraki Dashboard to integrate with ICE.

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Cubic/Vocality’s mission-critical radio over IP (RoIP) gateways and other solutions offer best-in-class interoperability between land mobile radio and cellular/mobile networks like LTE. We’re proud to integrate with this industry leader.

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C3IA Solutions Ltd. provides technical and security services to the public and private sectors, supporting the delivery of critical defense programs. The company is working with Instant Connect to unleash Dynamic Frontline Communications™ as the next step in military-grade interoperable communications.

ecom instruments is a leader in explosion-shielded products for frontline teams working in hazardous environments, with core disciplines in mobile computing and communications. Their PDAs, mobile phones, and other products are in use by mining, petrochemical, and other enterprises worldwide.

Instant Connect is using GrammaTech CodeSentry, a binary software composition analysis solution, to help ensure our next-gen voice communications software is protected by the highest levels of cyber-security. Together with GrammaTech, Instant Connect is optimizing the security of push-to-talk in high-risk environments when voice communications can’t fail.

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Kenwood is a leader in digital two-way radio communications for first response, commerce, and government. Instant Connect software integrates with Kenwood radios to offer users a powerful next-gen interoperable PTT solution.

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Kyocera’s industry-leading ruggedized smart phones are a perfect fit with our dynamic push-to-talk software. Together, we’re advancing the scope and performance of interoperable communications that link that latest radio solutions with mobile and IP.

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Laurentian Technologies is our Canadian Indigenous Partner, supporting Canada’s governmental agencies, law enforcement, and first responders by offering best-of-breed mission-critical communications.

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Our dynamic push-to-talk software runs on RealWear headsets, giving users the ability to use the world’s most advanced PTT in a hands-free environment.  Hands-free is a vital advantage  in many fast-moving environments where productivity and safety are paramount.

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Resilience delivers advanced communications systems and products for demanding environments, specializing in systems engineering, software, and solutions for the defense and public sector markets.  We’re working with Resilience to provide next-gen military-grade PTT for military and defense agencies across Europe.

Using RoIP over satellite, LTE, FirstNet, or private IP networks, Skymira’s innovative RoIP solutions eliminate gaps in land mobile radio coverage. The new Skymira P25 IP Relay creates a highly secure, portable P25 network that transmits audio and data, including the GPS locations of portable radios, over any IP network. Working together, Skymira and Instant Connect offer commercial enterprises and government agencies a leap forward in RoIP reach, efficiency, and performance.

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SOFtact Solutions is our primary partner for U.S. Special Operations Command and a leader in military-grade communications solutions.  The company is a woman-owned, HUBZONE Certified Small Business.

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Serbus is a leader in secure mobile communications for government, military, and defense. Together with Instant Connect, the company is innovating the next generation of secure tactical mobile communications leveraging dynamic talk groups and other automated features.

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WaitTime is a leader in crowd intelligence, providing real-time information on crowd density and movement at major events, from sports to entertainment. Instant Connect turns this insight into action, automatically dispatching frontline teams – communicating via dynamic talk groups – to tackle and resolve issues uncovered by WaitTime.

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