Instant Connect and GrammaTech collaborate to deliver secure, next-gen voice

April 12, 2022

Instant Connect is using GrammaTech to help maximize the security of its next-gen push-to-talk platform in high-risk environments when voice comms can’t fail.

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Instant Connect / GrammaTechInstant Connect Software LLC, the global leader in Dynamic Frontline Communications™, has elevated the security of frontline push-to-talk voice communications in high-risk environments across military, government, and commerce by partnering with GrammaTech, a leading provider of application security testing products and software research services.

Instant Connect is using GrammaTech CodeSentry, a binary software composition analysis solution, to reduce open-source risk and optimize cyber-security in its next-gen Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) push-to-talk platform.

“Instant Connect is proud to be using GrammaTech’s CodeSentry software analysis tool to help ensure our interoperable voice communications software is protected by the highest levels of cyber-security,” said Forrest Claypool, Instant Connect CEO. “We are using CodeSentry to identify open-source components, produce a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), detect possible vulnerabilities in our software, and remediate them before each release. This helps deliver the premium security our users demand as they leverage our smart talk groups, automated IoT-triggered workflows, dynamic geofences, and more. Every Instant Connect customer now knows their push-to-talk deployment is protected by GrammaTech’s rigorous and comprehensive software-assurance protocols.”

Working with GrammaTech allows Instant Connect to meet strict security regulations, including the upcoming SBOM mandate outlined in the U.S. government’s cyber-security executive order. Meeting this mandate ensures a software product has “authority to operate.” This authority is typically required to do business with government and military entities – the authority to operate in high-risk situations when voice communications can’t fail.

“We are excited to help Instant Connect optimize its voice security and meet the SBOM mandate in a world that continuously confronts organizations with new cyber challenges, risks, and threats,” said Mike Dager, CEO of GrammaTech. “Instant Connect’s government and military customers have the confidence of knowing that their software has been validated by GrammaTech CodeSentry to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities before they ever reach the field.”

Based in Chicago, IL, Instant Connect is currently engaged with military and government agencies around the world to provide their warfighters and frontline teams with interoperable next-gen voice communications that connect mobile, IP, radio, and telephony devices across private and public LTE, 5G, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET), and other networks. This is the next generation of push-to-talk. These engagements range from frontline military units to covert operations to strategic command.

About GrammaTech

GrammaTech is a leading global provider of application security testing (AST) solutions used by the world’s most security conscious organizations to detect, measure, analyze and resolve vulnerabilities for software they develop or use. The company is also a trusted cybersecurity and artificial intelligence research partner for the nation’s civil, defense, and intelligence agencies. GrammaTech has corporate headquarters in Bethesda MD, a Research and Development Center in Ithaca NY, and publishes Shift Left Academy, an educational resource for software developers.