Connecting coalition forces

Global military alliances are more important than ever. Instant Connect is helping to solve the communication puzzle, starting with interoperability between coalition forces. Its IP-based tactical communications software platform is changing how joint forces prepare for combat and respond to crisis, both on the frontlines and away from the battle.

Coalition interoperability - bridging systems and nations

Smarter comms for stronger alliances

Today, the ability of military systems and nations to work together is not just a necessity, it’s a strategic imperative. The military refers to this essential collaboration as ‘interoperability’, and it’s critical to the success of coalition operations. At Instant Connect, we don’t just understand interoperability – we enable it. Our IP-based tactical communication solutions are specifically designed to strengthen the alliances between the U.S. Military and its global partners, resulting in joint forces that are more prepared, coordinated, and effective in every mission.

Evolving to meet global military challenges

As global threats evolve, the U.S. Military and its allies are shifting to more complex, technology-driven operations. From cyber defense to counterterrorism to rapid-response peacekeeping, these missions require more sophisticated tactics and communications. Instant Connect software responds with an advanced, interoperable push-to-talk (PTT) platform that enables military forces everywhere to operate faster and more collaboratively.

That’s why NATO uses Instant Connect for joint operations.

“Cloud-based capabilities and applications like ATAK and Instant Connect enable seamless and assured communications with our partners and a shared understanding of the operational environment.”

Colonel, United States Army, June 2023

Tactical communication solutions for joint missions

Proven IP-based platform built for the coalition challenges of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Real-time translation

Language barriers between coalition forces disappear with Instant Connect's real-time translation, ensuring clear communication for multilingual teams.

Faster deployments

Fast, easy talk channel configuration accelerates combat readiness, agility, and scalability – enhancing the ability of allied teams to adapt to shifting mission conditions.

Unified comms

Whether on radio, LTE, 5G, IP, or other networks, our software ensures reliable communication across diverse tactical environments. We're JITC-certified and DoDIN-approved.

real-time language translation

Unify multilingual teams for mission success

With Instant Connect, language barriers will no longer threaten to slow down your operations. Our software transforms communication in coalition missions with talk channels that translate transmissions in any language, in real-time. This enables seamless dialogue among allied warfighters and governments. You can ensure your multilingual operations run smooth and uninterrupted, without having to wait for a translator.

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Speed and agility

Deploy faster and lighter

Redefine what "fast" means for coalition operations, with the world's first serverless voice technology for tactical missions.

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Assemble and scale coalition forces faster. Teams can create, share, and join talk channels on the fly using a passphrase or QR code. No pre-configuration or individual user accounts are required. Everyone can get on the same page in seconds.


Leave bulky hardware behind. By reducing or eliminating the need for physical servers, you drastically lighten the load for your troops on the move. A decisive advantage for mobile teams in the field conducting critical, fast-paced missions.

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voice interoperability

Seamless integrations with tactical applications and networks

Stick with your current comms systems – we'll just give them a boost.

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Voice plugins for ATAK and WinTAK

Instant Connect upgrades the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) with talk channels and advanced voice features. Coalition forces can now plan and execute missions with even greater situational awareness.

Radio to radio, radio to IP

Connect forces everywhere, on any network. Our solution links disparate radio systems to each other and to tactical IP networks. This ensures reliable, unbroken communication across devices – even legacy systems.

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